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The Five Wacky Things Labor Unions Do To Celebrate Labor Day

Members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) march during a protest in support of a new contract for apartment building workers in New York City

From transgender benefits to fighting right-to-work, recent news in organized labor

Steve Stockman Challenges Labor Unions On Immigration Reform

Rep. Steve Stockman

‘The SEIU is one of the richest special interest groups in American politics’

Pro-Union Liberal Group Might Finally Let Its Own Workers Unionize

Columbus Rally for the Middle Class

Maybe not ridiculous hypocrites after all

Washington Post hires ultra-liberal former union bully and nobody bats an eye

Washington Post. (Photo: Getty Images)

But he’s at the Post now, so he’ll be objective

France launches a continent-wide crackdown on cheap labor

French President Francois Hollande attends a meeting for the signing of the first contracts of generations partnership between the State and the company Solvay in Aubervilliers

‘It’s becoming a political problem that has to do with how we conceive Europe’

Government employee union boss calls for thug tactics against voter ID

J. David Cox with Jesse Jackson (J. David Cox/Facebook)

AFGE President J. David Cox pledges to ‘fight in the streets’ regardless of Supreme Court decision

Black Friday union strikes against Wal-Mart set to fizzle

Striking Walmart workers and supporters protest at a store on Black Friday in Paramount, California

‘No one actually even wanted to come’

SHOCK REPORT: Liberal groups DOMINATED spending on state races last year

President Obama stands behind AFL-CIO President Trumka before he speaks at the AFL-CIO Executive Council meeting in Washington

The Koch brothers aren’t the ones dumping the most into state elections

Washington Post-owned Kaplan offers tutors pitiful wages, no healthcare

Washington Post. (Photo: Getty Images)

‘These are people who have master’s degrees’

Environmentalists vs. unions

Obama tuxedo. Photo: Getty Images
See who is winning

'I Would Just Hate For Anything To Happen'

People look at properties destroyed during Hurricane Sandy on Oct. 30, 2012 in the Rockaway section of the Queens borough of New York City. Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Unionized workers repeatedly harassed and intimidated non-union workers of a disaster cleanup firm working to restore Long Island, New York after Hurricane Sandy.

FOIA: 201 IRS employees work full-time on union business


Carter-era law lets federal employees spend the full work day organizing, on the taxpayers’ dime

Trumka says immigration deal needs worker protections

Richard Trumka

‘Is there every protection I would have liked? No.’

Hyatt workers union protests Pritzker Commerce nomination

Pritzker School Board

Ahead of confirmation hearing, major Obama donor gets Republican support while left wing protests

'Gang of 8' brings Norquist, Trumka together

Richard Trumka

Lengthy, complex immigration bill unites tax reformers, unions and big business

Many unions circumvent Michigan's right-to-work law - TheDCNF

Right to work

Legislation has done little to keep workers free of dues

Crane: President ignores ICE agents' immigration concerns

Undocumented Immigrants To U.S. Repatriated To Guatemala

Head of agents union wants in on White House immigration reform meetings

Michigan bill punishes universities for skirting right-to-work

Labor Politics

‘It’s very blatant what’s going on here’

Pro-union Obama endorses anti-union factory

Barack Obama

‘It would be hard to believe Obama would promote a right-to-work environment’