Trump Administration Releases Plan To Stop Asian Carp From Ruining Great Lakes

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A fisherman displays a large silver carp. (Photo: Shutterstock/Balakleypb)

Long-term proposal that stops the fish from migrating

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How the Republican establishment (and Fox News) missed the movement that will lead to a new party.

The river in reverse

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Political and economic trends are reversing.

Lighthouses for sale - Detroit FREEP

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The public may get a chance to buy a Michigan lighthouse if no government or nonprofit organization steps forward

Durbin pushes Obama to name a 'carp czar' - Chicago Breaking News

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Illinois Democrat believes invasive species of fish in the Great Lakes is a significant enough event for the White House to name ANOTHER czar to combat it

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Concerned Americans are trying to find their voices, and a way to channel their disgust. For some of them, all that anger has now turned to action

BP should pay, baby, pay

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So far, BP has tried to shoot golf balls into the leak and put a thimble-like lid on it. Now they are trying to put in a straw to suck up the oil. I am all for creative solutions to problems, but it seems that by now BP has purchased all the Acme Corporation mail-order devices available to mitigate the mess

Obama unveils five year plan to fix Great Lakes - AP

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The Obama administration has developed a five-year blueprint for rescuing the Great Lakes, a sprawling ecosystem plagued by toxic contamination, shrinking wildlife habitat and invasive species

Seize the carp


The Supreme Court refused this morning to issue an injunction in the interstate battle over invasive Asian carp, meaning Chicago won’t be required — for now — to close locks on waterways linking the Mississippi River and Lake Michigan. The court issued the one-sentence order without commenting on the case and did not address the request by Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox (R) to reopen a decades-old case concerning Chicago’s handling of the waterways