Will Trump Inadvertently Make Us A Bipartisan Nation?

Opinion | Lanny Davis
Donald Trump, Screen Grab CNN, 8-8-2016

Clinton was known for her collegiality bipartisan work with many Senate Republicans.

An Insight Into Donald Trump's Lack Of Basic Humanity

Opinion | Lanny Davis
Republican U.S. Presidential nominee Donald Trump attends a campaign event at Briar Woods High School in Ashburn

To me, this New York Times column nails Donald Trump

Darkness vs. Light, 'I' vs. 'We'

Opinion | Lanny Davis
DNC stage (photo by Daily Caller)

We are a democracy — and we only know one approach to solving our problems.

'Extreme Carelessness' Not Supported By The Undisputed Facts

Opinion | Lanny Davis
Hillary Clinton after speaking on race relations and policing at the Old State House in Springfield, Illinois (Getty Images)

I believe there are three undisputed facts that undermine his subjective characterization.

The Real Hillary Clinton

Opinion | Lanny Davis
Hillary Clinton speaks at a rally on the boardwalk on July 6, 2016 in Atlantic City, New Jersey (Getty Images)

My friend Hillary is the real deal.

The Clinton-Lynch Conversation: All Innuendo, No Facts

Opinion | Lanny Davis
SAN DIEGO, CA - JUNE 02:  Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivers a national security address on June 2, 2016 in San Diego, California. With less than one week to go before the California presidential primary, Hillary Clinton delivered a major national security address as she campaigns in Southern California.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Does anyone report a single fact — not two, not three, just one — as evidence that Lynch is lying?

The Other 2016 Election -- And Why The U.S. Should Care

Opinion | Lanny Davis
United Nations (Shutterstock photo)

This election should encompass a debate about the future of the U.N.

Where�s Paul Ryan's 'Declaration Of Conscience' On Trump?

Opinion | Lanny Davis
U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) waits to meet India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi (not pictured), before Modi speaks at a joint meeting of Congress in the House Chamber in Capitol Hill, Washington, U.S., June 8, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Paul Ryan needs to join in opposing Trump to save not only the party but his own conscience.

The E-Mails Issue -- Five Undisputed Facts

Opinion | Lanny Davis
Hillary Clinton, Screen Grab CNN, 5-19-2016

Isn’t Hillary Clinton being held to a double standard? I’m shocked, shocked.

Has Trump Been Caught In Another Lie?

Opinion | Lanny Davis
Donald Trump is the Republican front-runner. (Photo: Getty Images)

What about the $6 million he said he raised for vets instead of debating?

Two Cheers For Bernie Sanders (Not Three Yet...)

| Lanny Davis
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks during a campaign rally at the Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne in Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S., May 2, 2016

I am hoping that the question is when, not whether, he will earn that third cheer

Sanders And Trump Are Wrong: The System Isn't Rigged

Opinion | Lanny Davis
Trump I Want To Run Against The 'Little Puppy' Bernie Sanders [screen shot MSNBC Getty]

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have at least one thing in common.

Clinton Insider Says He 'Wouldn't Be Surprised' If Hillary's Server Was Hacked

US | Chuck Ross
U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton visits with employees during a campaign stop at Velcro Companies in Manchester, New Hampshire February 8, 2016. (REUTERS/Brian Snyder)

Lanny Davis isn’t helping Hillary’s case

The Bernie Sanders Double Standard

Opinion | Lanny Davis
U.S. Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders speaks to Communications Workers of America (CWA) workers striking against Verizon in Brooklyn

The senator judges Hillary Clinton by a yardstick he doesn’t apply to himself.

Clinton Leads Sanders By 2.5 Million Votes -- So Who Is More Popular?

Opinion | Lanny Davis
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton (REUTERS/Jim Young)

Clinton leads among elected pledged delegates from 35 contests by 263 delegates

Democrats: Don't Stoop To Trump's Level

Opinion | Lanny Davis
Demonstrators celebrate after Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump cancelled his rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Our attitude should be: The more people hear him, the better it is for us.

The Clinton-Sanders New Majority Coalition

Opinion | Lanny Davis
Democratic U.S. presidential candidates Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton pose before the start of the Univision News and Washington Post Democratic U.S. presidential candidates debate in Kendall, Florida March 9, 2016. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri)

I expect a campaign that will result in a historic political realignment in America

Hillary Clinton -- Breaking Down Barriers And Bringing Us Together

Opinion | Lanny Davis
Hillary Clinton Campaigns Across U.S. Ahead Of Super Tuesday Primaries

So there it is: Clinton’s message, easy to understand. It’s a message of optimism for the future.

Life With My 10 Year-Old Son, Jeremy

Opinion | Lanny Davis
You Won't Be Able To Watch This Adorable, Father-Son Little League Moment Without Shedding A Few Tears (YouTube)

A Bruce Springsteen concert in the Purple Nation.

What 'Revolution' Senator Sanders? A Republican Revolution?

Opinion | Lanny Davis
Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) finishes greeting supporters following a packed town meeting at the South Church May 27, 2015 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

To progressive Democrats I respectfully ask: Do you want to take the risk that you are wrong?