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If reports are true, Ruemmler should resign

White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler reportedly knew about the IRS scandal before news broke, but kept it from the president.

The purple Michael Smerconish

The liberal radio host has a new show on SiriusXM satellite radio.

George Bush is a good man

Democrats should stop attacking Bush in such harsh and personal terms.

A wrong purple moment for Obama and Boehner

Neither Obama nor Boehner seems to be in a hurry to solve the debt crisis.

Columnist, former Clinton aide Lanny Davis says WH threatened him, too [AUDIO]

Jay Carney

Says Obama official threatened to revoke press pass for Washington Times

When will they ever learn?

Crisis-management lessons from the Carnival cruise ship disaster.

Time to confirm Hagel and move on

Hagel is a great patriot, a good man, a man committed to public service, a sincere man of integrity.

What Hagel and Kerry learned from Vietnam

The two Vietnam vets share a heavy aversion toward any US military intervention, especially on the ground, unless clear US national-security interests are at risk.

Hagel must address 'Jewish lobby' comment

The comment is offensive, and not just to American Jews.

Farewell to Secretary Clinton, a public servant and friend

She’s an amazing woman.

Possible good news out of the bad news of going over the fiscal cliff

It could highlight the hypocrisy of both parties.

In defense of Grover Norquist and his right to be wrong

My fellow liberals should stop demonizing Norquist.

Susan Rice did her job --- and repeated what intelligence community told her

When UN Ambassador Susan Rice appeared on TV morning talk shows on Sunday, November 16, 2012, she did so because the White House asked her to.

The first debate: the only way for a game-changing moment

One of the candidates (or both) should embrace Simpson-Bowles.

The Obama-Clinton center rejoined

President Obama has an opportunity to tack to the middle before the election.

Obama's best argument for re-election

If Romney wins, Roe v. Wade might be overturned.

Romney's best argument to win in 2012

The three arguments Romney should make in his Convention speech.

Aurora reminds us: Two decent men running for president

Obama and Romney both responded to the Aurora shooting with grace and dignity.

Romney should just release his tax returns

The longer he drags his feet, the worse.

Polls, lies, damned lies and statistics

Maybe Obama’s negative ads aren’t working after all.