This Laptop Stand Adjusts To The Perfect Height And Tilts To The Perfect Angle

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And you get a discount with this code

Laptops With Touchscreens Are All The Rage These Days, And This One Is $300 Off Today

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13.3-inch full-HD Dell 2-in-1 laptop

Upgrade Your Briefcase With This Deal

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This bag is on sale (Photo via Amazon)

Handcrafted leather

New Samsung series to challenge MacBook Air - TIME

Tech | Laura Donovan

Samsung’s new Notebook 9 computer has roughly the same dimensions in size and weight as the 13-inch MacBook Air

No laps for warm laptops; skin damage is possible - AP

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Using a warm laptop a lot can lead to “toasted skin syndrome,” an unusual-looking mottled skin condition caused by long-term heat exposure

ACLU sues over warrantless laptop border searches - Wired

US | Jeff Winkler (admin)

An Obama administration policy allowing U.S. border officials to seize and search laptops, smart phones and other electronic devices for any reason was challenged as unconstitutional in federal court Tuesday

Creepy driver pulled over while using a sex toy - Cincinnati Enquirer

| Pat McMahon

Colondra Hamilton, an Ohio woman, was busted with a sex toy on her lap and a porno playing on a laptop in the passenger seat

The incredible shrinking office - Boston Globe

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As workforces diminish, firms save big in smaller spaces while improving productivity

Freedom by feet - AP

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Woman tied to bed by burglar escaped by using toes to text boyfriend

Affordable GenTouch tablet may narrow digital divide - CNN

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Device uses Android operating system and could bridge digital divide

Married couples unfriend on social networking sites - Philadelphia Inquirer

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When it comes to divorce, Facebook is increasingly mentioned as a factor

Threadless and Dell join forces for aesthetic glory - Lookbooks

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Chicago-based crowd-sourced design website partners up with Dell to produce pretty, artistic laptops

Forrester projects tablets will outsell netbooks by 2012, desktops by 2013 - TechCrunch

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Forrester Research predicts that in the United States tablets will outsell netbooks by 2012 and desktops by 2015

E-Book battle looms as Google prepares bookstore launch - The Atlantic Wire

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Google will launch its own online bookstore this summer to compete with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple

iPad reality check - TheDC

Energy | The Daily Caller

There are so many glowing reviews of Apple’s iPad, some of them need a grounded review of their own

School district banned from talking to others - Philadelphia Inquirer

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The next time Lower Merion school administrators want to talk to students and parents about their laptop-camera controversy, they will have to get a lawyer’s blessing

FBI now involved in school webcam spying case - ABC News

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The FBI and a Philadelphia-area prosecutor are looking into whether a school district broke the law when it remotely activated cameras on school-owned laptops and watched students in their homes

PA school district says it never deliberately spied on students - AP

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A Pennsylvania school district says it remotely activated webcams 42 times to find missing student laptops, but never did so to spy on students, as a lawsuit claims

School spies on students via laptop webcam - NEWSOLIO.COM

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Parents are outraged after a school district was accused of spying on students at home via their laptop computers in a legal case