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Eliot Spitzer swore off prostitutes in 2008, apparently


‘We’re done answering those questions’

What comes next after Newt's big win? - TheDC

Gingrich 2012.JPEG

What comes next after Newt’s big win? ‘Ground game is not a factor in presidential primaries in Florida. Momentum and being a conservative is.’n Florida. Momentum and being a conservative is.’

New England Patriots - TheDC

New Gingrich and Rick Perry

Granite State rumble shapes up as GOP hopefuls debate in Manchester, NH

Messy NH free-for-all awaits if Ron Paul wins Iowa - TheDC

GOP Presidential Candidate Campaigns In Iowa

Zogby: ‘If Paul wins in Iowa, that could conceivably set the table for a good showing for Huntsman’

Pundits: Romney the 'clear winner' of Orlando GOP debate - TheDC

Republican Debate

Texas Governor Rick Perry had yet another lackluster debate Thursday night

Gingrich in trouble - TheDC

Newt Gingrich stumbles out of the gate on presidential campaign

Breakdown of 2011/2012 gubernatorial races - TheDC

Across the country, 14 states will hold gubernatorial races in 2011 and 2012, 9 of which are controlled by Democrats

Experts say expect bump for Obama after Tucson shooting - TheDC

Presidents almost always see an increase in their approval ratings after national crises, pollsters say

Woman behind Va. 'Repeal Amendment' effort running for Senate - TheDC

Jamie Radtke, the head of the Richmond Tea Party, hopes to face Sen. Jim Webb in 2012

In His DREAMs? - TheDC

Dems are pushing for a vote while GOP claims legislation will grant amnesty to 2.1 million illegals

More GOP seats on the way - Bloomberg

Republicans are poised to increase U.S. House gains in undecided contests

Professional left suggests GOP might impeach Obama - TheDC

GOP roundly denies liberal accusations of impeachment-pursuit

TheDC Analysis: The GOP's Road To 51: Predictions - TheDC

Ford O’Connell and Steve Pearson predict which candidates will win tomorrow’s 10 key Senate races — and whether the GOP will pick up the Senate.

Drudge drives traffic, attention, money to candidates - TheDC

In a tight midterm campaign season full of close races, Matt Drudge is once again putting his stamp on the election

Baghdad Nancy - TheDC

Nancy Pelosi’s election optimism reminiscent of another optimistic fellow: Baghdad Bob

TheDC Election Outlook: GOP striding toward House takeover - TheDC

All major election handicappers are projecting that the GOP will gain control of the House in November

'You like me, you really like me!' - TheDC

For struggling incumbent Sen. Patty Murray, unpopularity in the polls means popularity among the Democratic establishment

Sabato: Despite O'Donnell 'disaster,' major GOP Senate gains likely - TheDC

A change of momentum in other key races may help Republicans pick up the seats needed to challenge for control of the Senate

Brown has history of offending women say feminists - TheDC

National Organization for Women gives Jerry Brown endorsement, ignoring past statements, positions

League of Conservation Voters behaving like partisan hacks

Why is the League of Conservation Voters joining with the far-left SEIU in an attempt to re-elect one of George Soros’s favorite congressman?