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Richmond Times-Dispatch Surprisingly Thin on Cantor Stories


Come on, really?

Eliot Spitzer swore off prostitutes in 2008, apparently


‘We’re done answering those questions’

What comes next after Newt's big win? - TheDC

Gingrich 2012.JPEG

What comes next after Newt’s big win? ‘Ground game is not a factor in presidential primaries in Florida. Momentum and being a conservative is.’n Florida. Momentum and being a conservative is.’

New England Patriots - TheDC

New Gingrich and Rick Perry

Granite State rumble shapes up as GOP hopefuls debate in Manchester, NH

Messy NH free-for-all awaits if Ron Paul wins Iowa - TheDC

GOP Presidential Candidate Campaigns In Iowa

Zogby: ‘If Paul wins in Iowa, that could conceivably set the table for a good showing for Huntsman’

Pundits: Romney the 'clear winner' of Orlando GOP debate - TheDC

Republican Debate

Texas Governor Rick Perry had yet another lackluster debate Thursday night

Gingrich in trouble - TheDC

Newt Gingrich stumbles out of the gate on presidential campaign

Breakdown of 2011/2012 gubernatorial races - TheDC

Across the country, 14 states will hold gubernatorial races in 2011 and 2012, 9 of which are controlled by Democrats

Experts say expect bump for Obama after Tucson shooting - TheDC

Presidents almost always see an increase in their approval ratings after national crises, pollsters say

Woman behind Va. 'Repeal Amendment' effort running for Senate - TheDC

Jamie Radtke, the head of the Richmond Tea Party, hopes to face Sen. Jim Webb in 2012

In His DREAMs? - TheDC

Dems are pushing for a vote while GOP claims legislation will grant amnesty to 2.1 million illegals

More GOP seats on the way - Bloomberg

Republicans are poised to increase U.S. House gains in undecided contests

Professional left suggests GOP might impeach Obama - TheDC

GOP roundly denies liberal accusations of impeachment-pursuit

TheDC Analysis: The GOP's Road To 51: Predictions - TheDC

Ford O’Connell and Steve Pearson predict which candidates will win tomorrow’s 10 key Senate races — and whether the GOP will pick up the Senate.

Drudge drives traffic, attention, money to candidates - TheDC

In a tight midterm campaign season full of close races, Matt Drudge is once again putting his stamp on the election

Baghdad Nancy - TheDC

Nancy Pelosi’s election optimism reminiscent of another optimistic fellow: Baghdad Bob

TheDC Election Outlook: GOP striding toward House takeover - TheDC

All major election handicappers are projecting that the GOP will gain control of the House in November

'You like me, you really like me!' - TheDC

For struggling incumbent Sen. Patty Murray, unpopularity in the polls means popularity among the Democratic establishment

Sabato: Despite O'Donnell 'disaster,' major GOP Senate gains likely - TheDC

A change of momentum in other key races may help Republicans pick up the seats needed to challenge for control of the Senate

Brown has history of offending women say feminists - TheDC

National Organization for Women gives Jerry Brown endorsement, ignoring past statements, positions