larry sabato

UVA Prof Claims Republicans 'Promote' Violence, Even CNN Isn't Buying It

Politics | Amber Athey
'The Republicans support this'

Here Is Larry Sabato's Latest Crystal Ball Projection Portending DOOM For Trump

Elections | Eric Owens
Trump and Clinton are now competing for 'few truly swingable votes,' Sabato believes

Sabato: It's 'Stunning' How Hillary 'Has Bombed As A Candidate' [VIDEO]

Elections | Derek Hunter

Larry Sabato: Hillary 'Acting As Though She's Allergic To The Press,' 'Real People'

Politics | Al Weaver

With Clinton Under Siege, Larry Sabato Rides To The Rescue

Opinion | Stewart Lawrence
Why does Sabato insist on offering such a tendentious analysis of the current scandal?

Reid On The Ropes? Harry 'Most Endangered Democrat'

Politics | Chuck Ross
GOP governor could pose greatest threat yet

Election Expert: 'I Want An Investigation Of The Polls In Virginia'

Politics | Chuck Ross
'Boy, is that an industry that needs some housecleaning'

Sabato's Final Predictions: Republicans Pick Up 8 Seats In The Senate

Politics | Derek Hunter
Says tea leaves point to a 53-47 GOP Senate Majority

Richmond Times-Dispatch Surprisingly Thin on Cantor Stories

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
Come on, really?

Eliot Spitzer swore off prostitutes in 2008, apparently

Politics | Charles Rollet
'We're done answering those questions'

What comes next after Newt's big win?

Politics | Will Rahn
What comes next after Newt's big win? 'Ground game is not a factor in presidential primaries in Florida. Momentum and being a conservative is.'n Florida. Momentum and being a conservative is.'

New England Patriots

Politics | Alexis Levinson
Granite State rumble shapes up as GOP hopefuls debate in Manchester, NH

Messy NH free-for-all awaits if Ron Paul wins Iowa

Politics | Steven Nelson
Zogby: 'If Paul wins in Iowa, that could conceivably set the table for a good showing for Huntsman'

Pundits: Romney the 'clear winner' of Orlando GOP debate

Politics | Will Rahn
Texas Governor Rick Perry had yet another lackluster debate Thursday night

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