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David Hogg Leads Another Boycott Against Laura Ingraham's Advertisers

US | Henry Rodgers
'We meet again'

Jeff Sessions Drops The Truth About Illegal Immigrants Coming Over The Border

Politics | Julia Nista
'A real exaggeration'

Laura Ingraham Blasts Former RNC Chair Michael Steele For 'Concentration Camps' Comment

Media | Scott Morefield
Do better, Mr. Steele...

'GOTTA GO': Laura Ingraham Calls On Trump To Fire Scott Pruitt

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'He's being attacked very viciously by the press'

Ann Coulter And Laura Ingraham Discuss Joy Reid's 'Hell Of An Idea' -- Coulter Had A Few Of Her Own

US | Scott Morefield
Truth hurts...

WAR ON WOMEN: Joy Reid Promoted Sickening Attack On Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter

Media | Justin Caruso
Reid called her 'Mr. Coulter'

80 Percent Of Asylum Cases At SW Border Don't Meet Criteria To Enter US, Homeland Sec. Says

Politics | Mike Brest
'That is either just a flat-out fraud or somebody who thinks they can come here because they want a job here'

Laura Ingraham Takes George Will To Task After 'Conspiracy Theory' Column On Pence

Media | Scott Morefield
'What makes Pence so repulsive, exactly?'

Laura Ingraham Takes A Wrecking Ball To Double Standard On Conservative Women

Media | Justin Caruso
She's fearless.

Laura Ingraham Hammers Devin Nunes On Not Reading Requested Documents -- 'How Serious Are You?'

Politics | Scott Morefield
She doesn't play favorites

Laura Ingraham's Former Assistant Sues Over Shocking Reason She Was Fired

US | Gabrielle Okun
'Colossal f---k up'

Boycott Fail: Laura Ingraham Just Got DOUBLE The Viewers Of CNN's Don Lemon

Media | Justin Caruso
She's driving her critics insane.

Laura Ingraham & The NRA Are Winning The War Against The Far Left

Editorial | Stephanie Hamill
The Left fails again!

Carter Page Blasts 'Dodgy Dossier' With Laura Ingraham

Media | Justin Caruso
'So laden with so many political motives'

Laura Ingraham's Just Drove The Haters Insane -- Her Ratings Are UP Since Anti-Gun Boycott

Media | Justin Caruso

Non-Interventionism Finds A Home On Fox News

Editorial | Scott Greer
It's a different era from the days of George W. Bush

Laura Ingraham Holds On To Time Slot Lead In Return To Cable News

Media | Scott Morefield
Take that, David Hogg

Laura Ingraham Mixes It Up With Sebastian Gorka In Awkward Fox News Exchange Over Syria Strike

Politics | Scott Morefield
'Oh god...'

Ace Hardware Reverses Course On Ad Ban, Sides With Ingraham Over Hogg

US | Chris White
'We apologize for that'

Ace Hardware Stands By Laura Ingram, Agrees To Resume Advertising On Her Show

Business | John Wellington
Awesome news

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