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Carolla, Ingraham decry lack of food-stamp stigma: 'There's no judging going on'

Comedian and talk show host lament how society has allowed dependency

Shelby Steele on Obama's view of race relations: 'My God, what's he complaining about?'


Hoover scholar: Prez was ‘showered with opportunity in American life,’ despite his remarks on Zimmerman verdict

Thomas Sowell: Paul Ryan's argument for immigration reform 'utter nonsense'


Economist smacks congressman’s argument for legislation based on labor shortages

Paul Ryan pushes for immigration reform, believes House will fix the bill

Rep. Paul Ryan strokes his chin. Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images.

‘The point I’m trying to make is that we need to fix this thing on the House’

Bachmann: Boehner will use 'loophole' to pass immigration in the House

Says House Speaker will circumvent 'Hastert Rule' in conference committee process

Over 150 conservative leaders, groups sign letter opposing Gang of 8 bill

Gang of 8. Photo: AFP Getty Images/Saul Loeb

‘The overall package is so unsatisfactory that the Senate would do better to start over’

Bill O'Reilly chalks Obama media scandals up to daddy issues


‘When you’re a kid raised … with no guiding force in the house … chances are you’re going to want to control your environment’

Laura Ingraham scolds Marco Rubio for using Senate resources to monitor talk radio

Conservative talker says Florida senator has turned his back on conservative principles

Pat Buchanan calls 'Gang of 8' proposal acts of 'madness,' 'suicidal folly' for GOP

Pat Buchanan

Conservative commentator says bill would be ‘the end of the Republican Party as a presidential party’

Cruz calls critics of gun-control filibuster 'silly,' predicts GOP will win Senate on the issue

Ted Cruz

‘I think it is ultimately going to backfire politically’

Ingraham: Scarborough's disdain for talk radio may stem from his own 2010 radio 'cancellation' - TheDC


Rejects blaming radio for Romney’s 2012 election loss — says he distanced himself from format

Boehner blasts Hillary Clinton for blaming Congress on Libya security

House speaker says the House would continue its oversight role by investigating the attack

Tantaros, Mattera team up to launch new radio show


‘The Five’ co-panelist is set to debut ‘The Andrea Tantaros Show’ early next year

Laura Ingraham lays out her vision for her 'slightly refocused' radio show


Conservative talker looks to expand her program beyond politics and Washington

Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham debate how Romney lost the election

‘If Mitt Romney cannot win in this economy, then the tipping point has been reached’

Laura Ingraham: 'It would not surprise me if Chris Christie at some point became a Democrat'

Conservative talker: New Jersey governor ‘embarrassing himself’

Ingraham: Obama skipping briefings because 'he can't keep Beyonce waiting' - TheDC

Conservative radio talker points out president’s lackluster foreign policy record and fundraising priorities during Egypt, Libya, Yemen unrest

Ingraham to GOP: 'If you can't beat Obama... shut down the party' - TheDC

‘This is a give-me election, or at least it should be,’ says radio host

George Will: For Romney 'conservatism is a second language' - TheDC

Says Mitt lacks ‘the visceral philosophically sound feeling for what’s wrong with the progressive movement’