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Cruz calls critics of gun-control filibuster 'silly,' predicts GOP will win Senate on the issue

Ted Cruz

‘I think it is ultimately going to backfire politically’

Ingraham: Scarborough's disdain for talk radio may stem from his own 2010 radio 'cancellation' - TheDC


Rejects blaming radio for Romney’s 2012 election loss — says he distanced himself from format

Boehner blasts Hillary Clinton for blaming Congress on Libya security

House speaker says the House would continue its oversight role by investigating the attack

Tantaros, Mattera team up to launch new radio show


‘The Five’ co-panelist is set to debut ‘The Andrea Tantaros Show’ early next year

Laura Ingraham lays out her vision for her 'slightly refocused' radio show


Conservative talker looks to expand her program beyond politics and Washington

Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham debate how Romney lost the election

‘If Mitt Romney cannot win in this economy, then the tipping point has been reached’

Laura Ingraham: 'It would not surprise me if Chris Christie at some point became a Democrat'

Conservative talker: New Jersey governor ‘embarrassing himself’

Ingraham: Obama skipping briefings because 'he can't keep Beyonce waiting' - TheDC

Conservative radio talker points out president’s lackluster foreign policy record and fundraising priorities during Egypt, Libya, Yemen unrest

Ingraham to GOP: 'If you can't beat Obama... shut down the party' - TheDC

‘This is a give-me election, or at least it should be,’ says radio host

George Will: For Romney 'conservatism is a second language' - TheDC

Says Mitt lacks ‘the visceral philosophically sound feeling for what’s wrong with the progressive movement’

Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Laura Ingraham - TheDC

Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Laura Ingraham

McConnell slams Red State's Erick Erickson: 'He has no audience as far as I'm concerned' - TheDC

Senate Minority Leader downplays criticism from CNN contributor

Pat Buchanan: Obama guilty of 'a dereliction of duty' in Trayvon Martin case - TheDC

Laura Ingraham and Buchanan ask what if Trayvon Martin were white, a white conservative figure was preaching for ‘justice’ and the KKK had a $10,000 bounty out on a ‘black’ Zimmerman?

Newt Gingrich attacks Charles Krauthammer [AUDIO] - TheDC

‘The Washington establishment doesn’t have a clue,’ says Gingrich, ‘They just sit on television and pontificate’

Laura Ingraham: 'We need a Rick Santelli moment in the Republican Party' - TheDC

Ingraham reacts to Obama’s budget proposal: ‘he is an unserious man for a serious time’

Laura Ingraham: 'Tea party doesn't have the great strength that the old media believe' [VIDEO] - TheDC

George Will: Tea Party should focus on Senate, groom national candidates for 2016

Buchanan: The establishment can't take the nomination away from the primary winner - TheDC

‘You want to see a revolution, you would see it then. But they can’t do it’

Paul defends Romney against 'struggling' Gingrich [AUDIO] - TheDC

‘They’re picking up on this and those who are condemning him for it I think are arguing like Democrats’

NYT's David Brooks: Obama is 'certainly more liberal than I thought he was' - TheDC

‘His instincts, they’re pretty left. And his problem is he can’t really act on them because it would be political disaster’

Gingrich: 'I'm not in the business of lobby, period' - TheDC


Former speaker of the House and GOP presidential frontrunner says role with Freddie Mac was consulting