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Montgomery County, Maryland To Put More Cops In Schools

Northwestern High School, Montgomery County, Maryland (Wikipedia)

There were only 40 incidents of serious student fighting last year, in a school district of 150,000.

Parents of alleged Silk Road founder launch legal fund, website


Ross Ulbricht an unlikely drug, theft and murder kngpin

Facebook denies special relationship with law enforcement

Facebook Teen Privacy.JPEG

The company’s Safety Center page also indicates that not every law enforcement request is granted

Reuters: Secret DEA unit using intel to investigate Americans

AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Law enforcement officials pretend that their investigation began with something like a traffic stop in order to conceal use of secret intelligence

Report: Federal wiretaps foiled by encryption methods

Cell Phones

First time the government has reported encryption being successful

Nabbed in a hijab

CAIR pushes 'hijab friendly' policy in American prisons

Violent criminals released by ICE if they are 'Obama Dreamers'

‘They walk out the back door of the jail’

White House: Alleged Boston Marathon bomber to be tried in civilian court

(AP Photo/Federal Bureau of Investigation, File)

Carney says ‘this is absolutely the right way to go and the appropriate way to go’

Online supporters rush to declare Tsarnaev not guilty

Marathon bombing suspect receives support on social media: ‘Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is innocent,’ ‘#FreeJahar’

Colorado wants DNA from people who commit misdemeanors - TheDCNF

One of the fastest growing clean-tech states, Colorado continues to attract large amounts of venture capital though the largest challenge still remains jobs. Unemployment however, continues to remain stagnant.

‘For those who are worried about this, don’t commit crimes’

Law enforcement turned the other cheek to Tampa RNC protesters - TheDC

7951474660 Occupy Tampa RNC

Sheriff’s office fed underprepared activists with sandwiches, boxed lunches from their own supplies

Law enforcement agencies to get money from Google settlement - USA Today

Google Motorola

The $500 million sum represents the gross revenues Google collected in ad buys from hundreds of Canadian pharmacies

Bipartisan effort to crack down on child predators - TheDC

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Legislation introduced to help law enforcement track child pornography offenders

Congress racks up parking violations - Roll Call

Unpaid fines commonplace in government

Wisconsin Walkout - TheDC

State legislature was set to vote on cutting public employee union collective bargaining rights

Gitmo detainees may find new home in Berkeley - Fox News

The City Council in Berkley, CA will vote Tuesday night on a resolution that would invite a few detainees to live there after being found innocent

New bill will make Congressional events safer without increasing size of government

H.R. 454 will ensure that people aren’t be afraid to go to Congressional events.

Md. mayor settling suit after SWAT shoots his dogs - AP

Mayor Cheye Calvo’s dogs were shot by officers after a package of marijuana arrived at the Calvo’s house

TheDC Morning: Run, bankers (run) - TheDC

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