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FINALLY! One Of America's Crappiest Law Schools Is Closing Its Doors

Education | Eric Owens
'The last few years have been extremely difficult for law schools across the country'

Public Law School Dean Resigns After Offering COUNSELING To Students Sad About Trump's Victory

Education | Eric Owens
'The most upsetting, most painful, most disturbing election season of my lifetime'

Law School Will Pay To Move Annual Law School Prom From Trump Tower In Chicago

Education | Eric Owens
'It is important to us all that this event be held at a venue that all of our students feel welcome'

SCIENCE: Conservative Law Professors Are More Productive Than Their Lazy Leftist Bum Colleagues

Education | Eric Owens
Study suggests discrimination could be the reason why fewer conservatives get hired

Obscure Dean At Backwater Law School Worries Students May Write Too Much Like Scalia

Education | Eric Owens
'I have taught argumentation for many years'

Catholic Law School Official Busted For Charging $50,000 At HOOTERS, Other Places

Education | Eric Owens
The famous cleavage-ogling breastaurant chain makes the news again!

Professor Who Sent Porn To Students Is Really Mad They Forwarded Her Porn

Education | Eric Owens
And she's mad at YOU for reading about it!

Law Professor Emails SHOCKING Porn Video To Entire Class

Education | Eric Owens
Have bureaucrats instituted a sexual harassment investigation? YES!

Legal Trouble! Respected Law School Dean Arrested On Prostitution Charges

Education | Scott Cook
This is one achievement he won't want on his impressive bio

Maybe America Finally Has Enough Lawyers

Education | Blake Neff
Enrollment continues to tank

Cooley Becomes First Casualty Of Law School Crisis

Education | Blake Neff
Troubled school forced to close Ann Arbor campus

So You Want To Party Like A Rock Star For Three Years Of Law School?

Education | Eric Owens
These schools are the ones for you

Law professors file labor complaint charging satanism for $666 raises

Education | Eric Owens
Did dean 'brand his perceived opponents as the Antichrist,' or was it just math?

The 10 states with the easiest bar exams [SLIDESHOW]

Education | Eric Owens
Go to South Dakota, Wisconsin and Nebraska, young lawyer!

Two law schools now offer partial refunds if you can't pass the bar

Education | Eric Owens
Your law degree now comes with peace of mind! Enroll now! Operators are standing by!

Law school dropout auctions off his own name on eBay to pay student loans

Education | Eric Owens
'I, Jason Madsen, will legally change my name for two years'

Proposal would allow Arizona law students to take bar exam before graduation

Education | Eric Owens
Students could sit for February bar exam, then graduate in May

October LSAT numbers plummet, indicating weak job market for lawyers

Business | Eric Owens
Law school entrance exam sees fewest test-takers since 1999

Gulags: the 10 worst ABA-accredited law schools

Education | Eric Owens
The schools rank at the very bottom based on performance in eight categories

The top five law school marketing failures

Education | Eric Owens
From the brazen to the bizarre

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