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OPINION: REDEMPTION: It's Time For Trump To Pardon Model Prisoners Serving Time For Low-Level Crimes

Opinion | Bishop Council Nedd
Letting these prisoners rot in jail hurts the poor and erodes relations between the police and black citizens

Chicago officials object to naming ATF building after Eliot Ness

US | Scott Greer
'The notion that he put Al Capone behind bars is pure unadulterated Hollywood fiction'

This is what happens when a law student tries to stop graffiti vandals with her Mercedes

Education | Eric Owens
Hint: it doesn't end well

Group to file suit in federal court over IRS targeting

US | Caroline May
ACLJ looking at possibility of class action suit

Alexandra Pelosi: Black Panther, neo-Nazi tension in Sanford a myth

Politics | Jeff Poor
Alexandra Pelosi strikes again, says Black Panther, neo-Nazi tension in Sanford a myth

Oklahoma City man who wore diapers sentenced to three years in prison

US | Steven Nelson (admin)
'You've got some issues. I understand that. But, at the same time, it's time for you to grow up,' the judge said

Man's penis cut off, put through garbage disposal

US | Steven Nelson (admin)
Catherine Kieu, 48, was charged Wednesday with torture in a case that has garnered international attention

London murder mystery from 1879 is finally solved

World | Steven Nelson (admin)
Final piece of the puzzle confirmed, 130 years after maid butchered and fed the victim to local children

Restaurant says it has footage of Picasso thief

Entertainment | admin
Police say suave San Francisco thief wore a dark jacket and pants, large dark glasses and loafers

D.C. police officer charged with stealing $43,000 from scam victim

US | Steven Nelson (admin)
Sgt. Aisha Hackley wrote herself 10 checks from the elderly woman’s bank account

Repairman faces charges of cleaning out ATMs, refilling them with counterfeit bills

| Steven Nelson (admin)
'He did get 10 months of a new life' after stealing $200,000 from Bank of America machines

Drunk man jumps into bed, is stabbed to death

| interns
Didn't look before he lept

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