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Crisis At The Border: Asylum Claims To Jump To SIX TIMES The 2010 Level

Latest estimate is 40,000 by fall

Massad Ayoob: Shark Week

Great white shark biting

Lawyers that will prosecute you after a fair defensive shooting are the sharks

Carter Hull, who oversaw tea party targeting, quitting IRS and Facebook

Carter Hull. Facebook

IRS lawyer who oversaw targeting of conservative nonprofits will retire this summer

Gulags: the 10 worst ABA-accredited law schools - TheDC


The schools rank at the very bottom based on performance in eight categories

Ke$ha sued by former managers for $14 million - NYDN

‘TiK ToK’ hit singer Ke$ha is facing a major lawsuit from her former managers, who say she was bullied into signing on with another producer and proceeded to top the billboard charts without them

Emo boyfriend breaks into girlfriend's house, urinates in her wine bottle, coffee creamer - TheDC

‘I asked if he put anything in the cream…He said ‘I p—– in it’”

Judge orders taxpayer-funded lawyers for mentally deficient illegal aliens - Fox News

A federal judge’s ruling could pave the way for taxpayer-funded legal representation for immigrants facing deportation

O'Donnell: Rumors of investigation 'an attempt to discredit this whole Tea Party movement' - TheDC

The former Delaware GOP Senate candidate denied the charges she used her campaign funds for personal use

The NFL has decided to punt - NY Post

NY Post: The league let Brett Favre off with a slap on the wrist yesterday

When Love Your Neighbor turns into Sue Your Neighbor

These days, nothing is immune from lawsuit abuse — not even a charity called “Love Thy Neighbor.”

Favre sexting case goes to Goodell - NY Daily News

It is now up to Commissioner Roger Goodell to decide what punishment – if any – is appropriate for the aging quarterback

A modest proposal for the new Congress: end welfare for lawyers

Redirect punitive damages to the judicial system — and not to the plaintiffs’ lawyers and their already-made-whole-by-compensatory-damages clients.

Michael Jackson estate fights back against album track 'fake' allegations - The Guardian

Michael Jackson’s executors say it’s him singing on new song Breaking News, and they really, really, really want to you believe them

TheDC interviews 'Fair Game' director Doug Liman - TheDC

Rex and Rob Ryan are still talking trash - NYT

The Ryan rivalry will continue Sunday, when Rex Ryan’s Jets travel to Cleveland, where Rob Ryan is the Browns’ defensive coordinator

Too close to call: Guide to the 3 messiest undecided races - TheDC

Eight hours after the last polls closed, some races are still too close to call. Here’s The Daily Caller’s rundown of the 10 messiest races

DC residents look elsewhere to vote - AP

Many cast their ballots in other states, due to the nation’s capital not having representation in Congress

Have no fear, Lindsay Lohan will stay in rehab until 2011 - OK! Magazine

No more jail for Lindsay Lohan – as long as she does what she’s told and stays in rehab

Virginia AG compares Obama to King George III - TheDC

Virginia’s fiery attorney general Ken Cuccinelli has a new line: President Obama is worse than King George III

Alaska election chief: Murkowski write-in bid 'new ground' - TheDC

A look at the potential legal problems that could plague the Alaskan Senate race results