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Iran's war against Israel and the future of Lebanon - TheDC

11 questions with foreign correspondent and ‘Road to Fatima Gate’ author Michael Totten

The Lebanon border and Hezbollah's war footing

The Israelis likely knew that the attack it endured was designed to drag its military into an unplanned response against Lebanon, amidst heightened tension Iran and the United States

Israelis and Lebanese disrupt period of tranquility - AP

Lebanese and Israeli troops exchanged fire on the border Tuesday, resulting in the first casualties since the war in 2006

Lebanese army fires on Israeli warplanes - AFP

Two planes were violating Lebanon’s airspace Wednesday

Tensions between Israel and Hezbollah heat up - The Daily Caller

The Israeli army and emergency response services engaged in a 5-day exercise this week to test the defense against a possible large-scale missile attack from Hezbollah