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Why Hasn't Al Franken Resigned Yet?

Politics | Peter Hasson
'Something went wrong last week'

Mika: OK, Maybe Let's Not Believe ALL Women

Media | Amber Athey

It's Official -- Al Franken Has Mastered The Non-Apology

Politics | Amber Athey and Peter Hasson
He's a warm person, a feminist, a champion of women...

Al Franken 'Can't Say' If More Accusers Will Come Forward

Politics | Peter Hasson
'If you had said to me...'

Al Franken's Evolving Responses To Sexual Harassment Allegations

Politics | Peter Hasson
'I don’t remember those...'

Poll: Half Of Voters Think Al Franken Should Resign From The Senate

Politics | Henry Rodgers
Many members of Franken's own party believe he should resign

Al Franken: Defending 'Rights,' Grabbing Boobs

op-ed | Jennifer Grossman
Does Franken really dispute the most exciting thing that's ever happened to him in his entire life?

Here's The Reason This Democrat Is NOT Demanding Al Franken's Resignation

Politics | Peter Hasson
'Why is it okay for everybody to say Roy Moore should be gone but not Al Franken?'

This House Democrat Just Used The 'If True' Defense For Al Franken

Politics | Peter Hasson
'Well, this is something that...'

CNN's Sally Kohn: 'Time For Al Franken To Go'

Politics | Peter Hasson
Pressure builds on Franken to resign...

Look Who's Demanding Al Franken's Resignation

Politics | Peter Hasson
'He should resign.'

PBS Edits Franken Out Of A Letterman Documentary

Politics | Gabrielle Okun
'Distract from show's purpose'

Franken Is Not Resigning, 'Doing A Lot Of Reflecting'

Politics | Robert Donachie
Looks like he'll have a lot to think about

Republican Says Photo Could Have Helped Him Sink Franken In 2008

Politics | Kerry Picket
'speaks for itself'

Democratic Activists Call On Franken To Resign

Politics | Kerry Picket
'I would mourn Franken’s departure from the Senate, but...'

Dems Are Calling Franken's Sexual Assault 'Harassment'

Politics | Robert Donachie
'You knew exactly what you were doing'

Minnesota Dems Call For Franken's Head

Politics | Jack Crowe
'We can't have a double standard'

Trump Just Unloaded On Al Franken For The Groping Picture

Politics | Peter Hasson
'Where do his hands go...'

Franken Victim: 'I Called Him Fish Lips' Because 'That's What It Reminded Me Of'

Politics | Peter Hasson
'I wanted to find a bathroom and rinse my mouth out.'

What We Know About The Woman Groped By Al Franken

US | Katie Jerkovich
She's been recognized for her 'outstanding contribution to America's Armed Forces'

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