UPDATE: Lincoln a Democrat? University says: Yep! That's right

Education | Robby Soave

‘Because Lincoln was an advocate for democracy’

Neither this university nor its students know Lincoln was a Republican

Education | Robby Soave
NEIU/Youtube screenshot

‘Oh man, I don’t really no’

NYTimes quietly changes published editorial to make it less damning of Obama

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
Obama nominates Samantha Power

Grey Lady backs off original condemnation of administration, does not note change to editorial

New York Times' handpicked commenters love the IRS

US | Patrick Howley

Staff-picked commenters blame conservatives for being audited, demand more resources for the taxman

Professor bans Fox News in the classroom, claiming it makes her cringe

Education | Eric Owens
Fox News

The Onion is also forbidden, because it’s a parody

Apparently conservatives are incapable of putting out a good audiobook

Entertainment | Jamie Weinstein

If you’re a conservative, good luck being nominated for a Grammy in the ‘Spoken Word’ category

Outlandish college courses: The Dirty Dozen for private (non-Ivy League) schools

Opinion | Kate L. Edwards
Tufts Occupy

Heaping helpings of stereotypically left-liberal thought

Outlandish college courses: the Ivy League Dirty Dozen

Opinion | Kate L. Edwards
Dartmouth College

What the best and brightest in the free world are studying