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UPDATE: Lincoln a Democrat? University says: Yep! That's right


‘Because Lincoln was an advocate for democracy’

Neither this university nor its students know Lincoln was a Republican

NEIU/Youtube screenshot

‘Oh man, I don’t really no’

NYTimes quietly changes published editorial to make it less damning of Obama

Obama nominates Samantha Power

Grey Lady backs off original condemnation of administration, does not note change to editorial

New York Times' handpicked commenters love the IRS


Staff-picked commenters blame conservatives for being audited, demand more resources for the taxman

Professor bans Fox News in the classroom, claiming it makes her cringe

Fox News

The Onion is also forbidden, because it’s a parody

Apparently conservatives are incapable of putting out a good audiobook


If you’re a conservative, good luck being nominated for a Grammy in the ‘Spoken Word’ category

Outlandish college courses: The Dirty Dozen for private (non-Ivy League) schools

Tufts Occupy

Heaping helpings of stereotypically left-liberal thought

Outlandish college courses: the Ivy League Dirty Dozen

Dartmouth College

What the best and brightest in the free world are studying