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New Chris Matthews Promo: American Revolution Proof That 'Liberalism Always Wins . . . Eventually'

‘Progressive change takes time’

Harvard writer: Free speech threatens liberalism and must be destroyed

Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, Massachusetts

‘Let’s give up on academic freedom’

Democrats' new scandal tactic: sniveling

David Plouffe FNS

Liberals are responding to the administration’s scandals by lashing out at conservatives.

Pro-homeless pols give street people the bum's rush

When hidden-camera hobos camp out in their own neighborhoods, prominent liberals call cops and DHS

Liberal 'Mad Men' in an unbranded era

Why the American progressive movement is in trouble.

The revolutionary orgasm

For some on the left, everything is about one thing: S.E.X.

ANN COULTER: Trouble in the nanny state

Ann Coulter

Liberals are okay with stigmatizing obesity, smoking and gun ownership, but they’re outraged by attempts to stigmatize out-of-wedlock births. Why is that?

COULTER: Why does anyone need to read about celebrities?

Ann Coulter

Do people need guns? It doesn’t matter.

What I'm learning in my political science class

My University of Colorado professor regularly bashes conservatives and conservatism.

Liberals admit that the tax man is coming for the middle class

The bill for big government is coming due.

Reality and Obama's colossal pride

Barack Obama

The two will collide sooner or later.

DC's speed-trap fascism

Speed traps have killed the sensual pleasure of driving in Washington, DC.

George Will: Fiscal cliff deal a triumph over 'liberalism' [VIDEO]

‘I think people will look back on this deal where liberalism passed an effigy and went into decline’

Why I'm voting for Mitt Romney

Liberalism and its standard-bearer, Barack Obama, have failed.

The end of liberal Catholicism

Fifty years after Vatican II, the Catholic left is played out.

ANN COULTER: Liberals can't break 200-year racism habit - TheDC Opinion


Democrats spent the first century of this country’s existence refusing to treat black people like human beings, and the second refusing to treat them like adults.

Being Chris Matthews

There’s a reason he’s so cranky.

Why liberals behave the way they do

Ann Coulter

Mass psychology explains why liberals fear change, embrace insane metaphors and make wild allegations against Republicans.

Killing Kennedy

How the JFK assassination affects the 2012 election.