Liberals More Vulgar On Twitter, Study Says

Politics | Neal Earley

‘The way people talk and interact on Twitter can provide a more robust and natural source for analyzing behavior than the traditional experiments and surveys.’

Free Speech? Due Process? Not For This FIRED LSU Professor

Education | Emmakristina Sveen

‘I absolutely intend to sue’

Liberal Prof Who Declared America Is Full Of White Supremacy HATES Being Challenged By Students

Education | Emmakristina Sveen
Occidental Professor on MSNBC's The Ed Show

‘My time in her classroom [was] more of an indoctrination, rather than as an educative class’

Liberals Are Hedonists With Short-Term Time Preference

| David Lawrence
Wealth gap

They put a chicken in every pot but facilitate the disappearance of the pot.

New Chris Matthews Promo: American Revolution Proof That 'Liberalism Always Wins . . . Eventually'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon

‘Progressive change takes time’

Harvard writer: Free speech threatens liberalism and must be destroyed

Education | Robby Soave
Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, Massachusetts

‘Let’s give up on academic freedom’

Democrats' new scandal tactic: sniveling

Opinion | Christian Whiton
David Plouffe FNS

Liberals are responding to the administration’s scandals by lashing out at conservatives.

Pro-homeless pols give street people the bum's rush

Politics | Charles C. Johnson

When hidden-camera hobos camp out in their own neighborhoods, prominent liberals call cops and DHS

Liberal 'Mad Men' in an unbranded era

Opinion | Brad Todd

Why the American progressive movement is in trouble.

The revolutionary orgasm

Opinion | Mark Judge

For some on the left, everything is about one thing: S.E.X.

ANN COULTER: Trouble in the nanny state

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

Liberals are okay with stigmatizing obesity, smoking and gun ownership, but they’re outraged by attempts to stigmatize out-of-wedlock births. Why is that?

COULTER: Why does anyone need to read about celebrities?

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

Do people need guns? It doesn’t matter.

What I'm learning in my political science class

Opinion | Ralphie the Buffalo

My University of Colorado professor regularly bashes conservatives and conservatism.

Liberals admit that the tax man is coming for the middle class

Opinion | W. James Antle III

The bill for big government is coming due.

Reality and Obama's colossal pride

Opinion | Anthony Rek LeCounte
Barack Obama

The two will collide sooner or later.

DC's speed-trap fascism

Opinion | Mark Judge

Speed traps have killed the sensual pleasure of driving in Washington, DC.

George Will: Fiscal cliff deal a triumph over 'liberalism' [VIDEO]

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘I think people will look back on this deal where liberalism passed an effigy and went into decline’

Why I'm voting for Mitt Romney

Opinion | Anthony Rek LeCounte

Liberalism and its standard-bearer, Barack Obama, have failed.

The end of liberal Catholicism

Opinion | Mark Judge

Fifty years after Vatican II, the Catholic left is played out.