Illinois Union Endorses Democrat But Gives Money To Libertarian

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf

Swears it has nothing to do with splitting Republican vote

24-hour protest looks to weaken NSA surveillance

Business | Kelsi Thorud
24-hour protest looks to weaken NSA surveillance

‘We wanted to provide a way for the Internet community to speak out’

No, the Libertarian Party isn't behind the curve on gay rights

Opinion | Stephen Richer
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A Slatepitch that belittles the work of many libertarian gay rights supporters

Libertarians thwart mail-in voting, still don't make ballot

Daily Caller News Foundation | Greg Campbell
Gary Johnson Libertarian Party

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose

Meet the Libertarian pushing himself as alternative in nasty Virginia governor's race

Politics | Alex Pappas
The Sarvis Family.

Says Cuccinelli and McAuliffe are ‘really bad for Virginia’

Armies of the dead descend on politics

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon
Austria Jewish  Tombstones.JPEG
'This is pure free speech'

Libertarian presidential hopeful only accepting gold, Bitcoin for donations - TheDCNF

Daily Caller News Foundation | Betsi Fores
"The Revolution Continues," according to Perry's website

Also isn’t going to acknowledge the FEC, or anything else

Poll: Gary Johnson at six percent - TheDCNF

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
Gary Johnson

Despite low name recognition, Libertarian presidential candidate has growing support in polls

Johnson detained twice by TSA after refusing 'rapist scan' - TheDC

Elections | Ryan Lovelace
Gary Johnson

Johnson said he argues with the TSA ‘every single time’ he passes through airport security

Ron Paul campaign rules out endorsing Libertarian Party nominee - TheDC

Politics | Alex Pappas
Paul 2012.JPEG

Spokesman rules out Gary Johnson endorsement, keeps door open for Romney

Libertarian Party ticket has strength, credibility

Opinion | Bob Barr

The Johnson-Gray ticket is formidable, but will the Libertarian rank and file unite behind it?

Pro-pot judge will be Gary Johnson's VP pick - TheDC

Politics | Will Rahn
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Selection of Judge Jim Gray ‘puts pot front-and-center in the campaign,’ says Johnson adviser

10 things about Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson - TheDC

Elections | Jamie Weinstein and Alex Pappas
Republican Debate

Johnson talks buying his first gun, stealing votes from Romney, his favorite drugs and polygamy

Bob Barr: Libertarians should vote for Gingrich - TheDC

Elections | Steven Nelson
Newt Gingrich

2008 Libertarian presidential candidate is ‘very comfortable and happy’ stumping for Gingrich

Experts: Johnson unlikely to play much of a spoiler role in 2012 - TheDC

Politics | Will Rahn
Gary Johnson

He probably won’t get enough votes to siphon off support from the Republican nominee, pundits say

In close race, Johnson could deliver New Mexico for Obama - TheDC

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
Greetings From New Mexico

Well-liked two-term governor might split Republicans enough to turn The Land of Enchantment into easy pickings for the president’s re-election

Johnson could receive 64 percent of general election vote, says Johnson - TheDC

Politics | Steven Nelson
Florida 2012

‘The notion here is to win, and it is with a message that resonates’

Gary Johnson encourages supporters to vote for Paul in GOP primaries - TheDC

Politics | Steven Nelson
Paul 2012

‘I think Ron Paul’s a messenger. I think that I am. I think there are others’

Don't underestimate Gary Johnson

Opinion | Roger Stone

The former New Mexico governor is a credible presidential candidate.

Buchanan: Paul won't go third party, it would damage son's political future - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

Suggests Republicans offer the Texas congressman ‘a top speaking slot’ at their convention