Buchanan: Paul won't go third party, it would damage son's political future - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

Suggests Republicans offer the Texas congressman ‘a top speaking slot’ at their convention

Report: Gary Johnson to announce Libertarian Party presidential bid - TheDC

Politics | Steven Nelson
Gary Johnson

The official announcement will reportedly come Dec. 28 in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Gary Johnson discusses what 'hypothetical' third-party run would look like - TheDC

Politics | Will Rahn
Gary Johnson

‘There wouldn’t be an altering to the message,’ Johnson says from Miami, where he is meeting with Libertarian Party officials

Gary Johnson considering third-party run - TheDC

Politics | Will Rahn
Republican Debate

‘That’s something that I would have to go out and work for’

TheDC Video Vault: Ron Paul debates Bill Buckley over abolishing CIA, FBI - TheDC

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
Bill Buckley Ron Paul debate

1988 libertarian candidate for president, Paul, appeared on Buckley’s ‘Firing Line’

Mike Pence should take the hairy 'Survivor' guy seriously

Opinion | Adam Brickley

Rupert Boneham, who’s considering entering Indiana’s gubernatorial race, could give Pence a scare.

Libertarian Party not afraid, wants permanent shutdown - TheDC

Politics | Anthony Maki

Libertarian Party Executive Director: ‘We’re not talking about eliminating the federal government — we want to cut everything else as much as we can’

Paularizing Politics - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

Ron Paul’s possible plans for 2012 leave some cheering, others jeering

President Paul in 2012? Rep. Ron Paul heads to Iowa - TheDC

Politics | Chris Moody

Rep. Ron Paul will travel to Iowa to deliver an address to conservative group The Family Leader, signaling he may be gearing up for a 2012 presidential run

TheDC Morning: What are the Kennedys hiding this time? - TheDC

| Mike Riggs

Read TheDC Morning: An unvarnished e-mail summary of what’s really happening in political news

Ron Paul won't win the GOP presidential nomination

Feature:Opinion | Dorian Davis

The GOP electorate is still the GOP electorate.

Ron Paul: 'At least 50-50' chance of 2012 run for president - The Hill

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Paul hinted that he could be preparing another bid in two years

'Get ready for naked insecurity' - TheDC

Politics | Mike Riggs

Fighting airport X-ray machines, says Nader, is a bipartisan issue

Desperate Democrats continue to promote third-party candidates - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

In Maryland’s 1st district, a mailer paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, featured Libertarian candidate

No surprises in New York gubernatorial debate - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

In their one and only debate, none of the seven candidates for New York governor delivered any surprises

New York gubernatorial candidates prepare for debate - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

All seven candidates in New York will face off Monday night on Long Island

The enemy of my enemy is my friend - TheDC

Politics | Caitlin Riederer

Democrat Alexi Giannoulias is trying everything to best opponent Rep. Mark Kirk, including lending support to a Libertarian candidate who could siphon conservative votes

Poor Maes showing could place GOP as 'minor party' on CO ballots - Denver Post

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Republican names could be positioned on the ballot with third party candidates in 2012, while Democrats would still be positioned prominently on top

Murkowski could lose leadership position - Roll Call

Politics | Pat McMahon

GOP Alaskan senator, who just lost her primary to a Tea Party candidate, could be ousted as Vice Chair of the party’s conference

Alaskan Libertarians deny Murkowski ballot spot - Politico

Politics | Pat McMahon

Party voted unanimously to deny the Republican senator a spot in November, if she loses the final vote in the GOP primary