Check Out These Jaw-Dropping Luxury Sports Cars

Entertainment | Meghan Marsh

These are some of the nicest cars on the market

DC first to legalize online gambling - AP

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The District of Columbia is becoming the first U.S. jurisdiction to allow internet gambling

Farm subsidies face $30B hit under Ryan's budget plan - AP

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Paul Ryan has proposed cutting agriculture subsidies by $30 billion over the next 10 years

Designer logos may change your life for the better - Time Magazine

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A new study founds that people are more likely to affect people in a positive way if they are wearing a recognizable brand of clothing

Substance abuse increases among teens - Reuters

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A new report by the Partnership at has shown an increase in substance abuse by teens over the past three years

Caffeine junkie? Blame it on your DNA - TheDC

| Alyssa Moody

A new study shows caffeine addiction is a genetic trait

Meet Paul Ryan: Packer fan, deer hunter, budgeteer - AP

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Seven-term Rep. Paul Ryan is the Republican out front on tackling the deficit

USDA spends $60 mil in climate change crop research - AP

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One study will focus on Midwestern corn, another on wheat in the Northwest and a third on Southern pine forests

Co-worker charged in death at Md. Lululemon shop - AP

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Police now suspect a female co-worker who claimed two masked men sexually assaulted and killed her slain colleague at Lululemon last week was actually the murderer

Quake and tsunami a blow to fragile Japan economy - AP

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Japan’s central bank vowed to do everything necessary to keep financial markets stable, including pumping cash into the financial system

Women who post photos want attention - LAT

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A new study shows that women who upload a multitude of photos on Facebook and other social networking sites are more likely to base their self-worth on their personal appearance

Missing US student found dead in Madrid river - AP

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Austin Bice, a U.S. exchange student from California, was found 10 days after he disappeared following a night on the town

What a downer: Oral sex leads smoking in cancer causes - TheDC

| Caroline May

Whip out your Marlboros folks, oral sex — not tobacco — could now be the leading cause of throat cancer

Smithsonian holds vote on video games for exhibit - AP

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The exhibit, ‘The Art of Video Games,’ is scheduled to open in March 2012

U.S. restricts staff movement in Palestinian areas amid protests - AP

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Palestinians demonstrated against the U.S. for vetoing an Arab-backed Security Council resolution, chanting ‘Oh Obama, hateful one, settlements will not last’

Tour boat sinks in Vietnam; 12 dead from 9 nations - AP

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Vacationers from the U.S., Britain, Australia, Japan, Russia, France, Sweden and Switzerland have been confirmed dead

'The King's Speech' inspires greater stuttering awareness - AP

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The award-winning film earns praise from the Stuttering Foundation of America and others affected by the often misunderstood speech impediment

First Lady: Fitness campaign not about 'telling people what to do,' it's a 'national security issue' - AP

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Obama tells ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ that improving diet and exercise habits is ‘a national security issue’

WTF: Southeastern U.S. out-swears nation - TheDC

US | Anthony Maki

Researcher tracked the geolocation of swear-laden tweets for a whole month