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Lohan arrested for drunk driving

Lindsay and Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan, that is

Oprah's abnormality

Switzerland Oprah.JPEG

Her “99 Balloons” spot was moving, but what did she really think about it?

Lindsay Lohan has tried cocaine 'like 10 to 15 times'

And I’m Michael Jordan

America's 'porn professor' abandons porn course just because people were outraged

porn set. Photo: Creative Commons/The Naughty American

‘I’m exhausted by threats and controversy’

Run for your lives: Lindsay Lohan is leaving rehab

People Lindsay Lohan

The actress has been in rehab for three months

Is Amanda Bynes the love child of Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus? [PHOTO]

Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus. Photos: Twitter

The former Nickelodeon star seems to be taking her cues from Lohan and Cyrus

Lindsay Lohan never went to rehab, may go to jail

Lindsay Lohan

Troubled actress reportedly has some trouble picking a rehab facility

Lindsay Lohan doesn't come off as entirely batsh*t crazy on Letterman

The actress talked about her past troubles and upcoming three-month stint in rehab

Amanda Bynes gaining on Lindsay Lohan for title of most troubled child star

Amanda Bynes/ Twitter

‘Retired’ actress reportedly asked to leave gymnastics class after she began crying when her wig fell off

Lindsay Lohan may or may not be pregnant

Lindsay Lohan

Rolling disaster and sometime actress tweets ‘It’s official. Pregnant…’

Not even James Franco would have sex with Lindsay Lohan

James Franco as Riff Raff in "Spring Breakers"

Because, well, you know

Here is Lindsay Lohan's sixth (and probably not her last) mugshot [PHOTO]

People-Lindsay Lohan.JPEG

Let’s just go ahead and add this to the scrapbook

Lindsay Lohan arrives late to court appearance, gets glitter bombed on the way in [PHOTO]

Lindsay Lohan

The actress’ hearing is her 21st

Lindsay Lohan makes smart decision, hell is frozen

Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen

The actress allegedly turned down Charlie Sheen’s offer to ‘mentor’ her

Hide yo kids, Lindsay Lohan becoming a mentor to underprivileged girls

People-Lindsay Lohan.JPEG

Lohan’s lawyer hopes the move will help her with her image problem

Lindsay Lohan got a job!

Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen

…on Charlie Sheen’s FX series ‘Anger Management’

8 alternative career paths for Lindsay Lohan to explore [SLIDESHOW]

We know girlfriend has some financial problems, but there has got to be a better way!

In Obama's America, even Lindsay Lohan has to move back in with her mom

Lindsay Lohan

(Or maybe it’s because of all the substance abuse)

Lindsay Lohan too ill to go to court, but is totally fine to go shopping

Lindsay Lohan Los Angeles court

The actress is scheduled to appear before a judge to face charges stemming from a car wreck last summer

Lindsay Lohan searches for lost cell phone in suspenseful clip from 'The Canyons' [VIDEO]

It is even worse than it sounds