Lindsay Lohan made a list of all of the Hollywood men she's slept with

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Actors Wilmer Valderrama (L) and Linsdey

It includes Justin Timberlake and Joaquin Phoenix

Lindsay Lohan totally has her act together now

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Just kidding!

9 celebrity siblings you're glad aren't yours [SLIDESHOW]

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Putting the FUN in dysfunctional siblings

9 celebs who know how to work a mugshot better than Bieber

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You’re not supposed to smile, punk

8 celebs we wish we could party with

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From Rihanna to the Robert Downey Jr. from 12 years ago

Lindsay Lohan FINALLY writing book about Lindsay Lohan

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Premiere Of Dimension Films' "Scary Movie 5" - Arrivals

Much like Katharine Hepburn before her

The wind is such a pervert [PHOTOS]

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It just keeps blowing women’s dresses right up year after year

Lindsay Lohan's barely legal boyfriend DOES NOT like Obama

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Morgan O'Connor

‘Prince of Liberal Fascism’

Lohan arrested for drunk driving

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Lindsay and Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan, that is

Oprah's abnormality

Opinion | Lila Rose
Switzerland Oprah.JPEG

Her “99 Balloons” spot was moving, but what did she really think about it?

Lindsay Lohan has tried cocaine 'like 10 to 15 times'

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And I’m Michael Jordan

America's 'porn professor' abandons porn course just because people were outraged

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porn set. Photo: Creative Commons/The Naughty American

‘I’m exhausted by threats and controversy’

Run for your lives: Lindsay Lohan is leaving rehab

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People Lindsay Lohan

The actress has been in rehab for three months

Is Amanda Bynes the love child of Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus? [PHOTO]

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Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus. Photos: Twitter

The former Nickelodeon star seems to be taking her cues from Lohan and Cyrus

Lindsay Lohan never went to rehab, may go to jail

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Lindsay Lohan

Troubled actress reportedly has some trouble picking a rehab facility

Lindsay Lohan doesn't come off as entirely batsh*t crazy on Letterman

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The actress talked about her past troubles and upcoming three-month stint in rehab

Amanda Bynes gaining on Lindsay Lohan for title of most troubled child star

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Amanda Bynes/ Twitter

‘Retired’ actress reportedly asked to leave gymnastics class after she began crying when her wig fell off

Lindsay Lohan may or may not be pregnant

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Lindsay Lohan

Rolling disaster and sometime actress tweets ‘It’s official. Pregnant…’

Not even James Franco would have sex with Lindsay Lohan

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James Franco as Riff Raff in "Spring Breakers"

Because, well, you know

Here is Lindsay Lohan's sixth (and probably not her last) mugshot [PHOTO]

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People-Lindsay Lohan.JPEG

Let’s just go ahead and add this to the scrapbook