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GROUNDED: More F-35 problems delay new jet

The F-35B variant of the Joint Strike Fighter sits on the deck of the USS Wasp off the coast of North Carolina

Software deemed ‘unacceptable,’ ‘failed to meet even basic requirements’

Lockheed shows plans for hypersonic spy plane; focus on low cost


Lockheed Martin Corp unveiled plans on Friday for a hypersonic spy plane that could fly at Mach 6

Boeing, Lockheed to team up on new U.S. bomber program: sources

Earns Boeing.JPEG

Boeing Co and Lockheed Martin Corp will team up to bid on the Pentagon’s new long-range bomber

Lockheed Martin prepares to furlough 3,000 workers as shutdown drags on

Cyber Espionage

Lockheed’s CEO warns that situation will worsen if shutdown continues

Top five reasons the F-35 will rule the sky - TheDC

Japan Fighter Deal.JPEG

Even the world’s most advanced plane can’t compare to the capabilities of F-35

Foreign buyers expected to buy more F-35s than Pentagon - TheDC

Strike Fighter School

Experts at Lockheed Martin predict international sales of the F-35 joint strike fighter will quickly outpace those from the Pentagon

Japan inks deal to spend $757M on F-35 fighter jets - TheDC

Pearl Harbor

Tora! Tora! Tora! Officially demilitarized country bails out Lockheed Martin with massive jet purchase ahead of possible sequestration restraints

YOU get a pink slip... and YOU get a pink slip! - TheDC

Defense cuts

Looming sequestration cuts could leave thousands without a job

Air Force begins training program for F-35 stealth fighter - TheDC

Strike Fighter School

Air Force begins training program for F-35 stealth fighter

Lockheed attack highlights rise in cyber espionage - AP

Cyber Espionage

Some hackers set their sights on information far more devastating than credit card numbers

Rep. Maurice Hinchey? - TheDC

Liberal NY congressman isn’t exciting liberal NY district

Defense cuts could slow D.C. economy for years - WaPo

After surging in size and profits during the post-9/11 era, the defense industry in metropolitan Washington is bracing for a major contraction and significant layoffs

Sending astronauts to asteroids -

‘Plymouth Rock’ deep space Asteroid mission idea gains ground

Obama aides review $30 billion in technology contracts - Bloomberg

“We need to end a culture in Washington where we continue to throw good money after bad money”

Intel community heightens security after Post story - TheDC

Intelligence community heightens security measures following Washington Post ‘Top Secret America’ story

Corralling defense contractors - AP

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Monday he wants to trim some of the billions of dollars the Pentagon spends

The extreme history of X planes - CNET News

A history of X planes in pictures

'Double-bubble' airliners could slash fuel consumption - Pop Science

An MIT team aims to bring aviation into the 21st century with two bold new designs for commercial airliners that could trim fuel use by up to 70 percent while increasing passenger capacity

Gates grounds general in charge of jet program - AFP

Defense Secretary Robert Gates sacked Monday the general in charge of the F-35 fighter jet program and said he would withhold funds from Lockheed Martin over a series of cost overruns and delays

Lockheed Martin: 'Ironclad' is a flash stick, not a boat

It looks like the mega-defense company (Lockheed Martin) is now trying its hand [on]… an ultra-secure USB flash drive, that with special software can enable you to carry your computer anywhere