loretta lynch

FBI Agents Want To Be Subpoenaed By Congress -- So They Can Reveal The Failures Of Comey And McCabe

US | Kerry Picket
'So politicized'

Republicans Just Put Comey, Clinton, Lynch, Strzok And Page On Notice

Politics | Robert Donachie
'Potential violation'

Comey Throws Loretta Lynch Under The Bus: She 'Put Me And The FBI In A Terrible Spot'

Video | Amber Athey
'There should have been a discussion'

Deep State Circular Firing Squad: Lynch, McCabe, Rosenstein Vs. Lynch

Politics | Peter Hasson
'That's concerning'

How The Obama Justice Department Tried To Shut Down The FBI's Investigation Into The Clinton Foundation

Investigative Group | Richard Pollock
'It may even go all into the Obama White House'

Comey Throws Obama And Lynch Under The Bus In New Book

Politics | Scott Morefield
"The attorney general seemed to be directing me to align with the Clinton campaign strategy."

Loretta Lynch Responds To Comey Criticism

Politics | Scott Morefield

Comey: Classified Info Would Have 'Cast Serious Doubt' On Loretta Lynch Handling Clinton Investigation

Politics | Justin Caruso

Loretta Lynch On NBC Tells Us A Lot About The Swamp Creatures

op-ed | Ron Hart
No wonder we don't trust the mainstream media

Michelle Malkin Suspects Loretta Lynch And James Comey Covered Up Their Sins: 'The Heat Is On'

Politics | Nick Givas
'They have tried to suppress the truth, but they’re not going to succeed'

Loretta Lynch Sat Down With NBC And Lit James Comey's Pants On Fire

Politics | Christian Datoc
'Concerns were not raised...'

Dan Bongino Says Loretta Lynch And James Comey May Have To Pay The Piper Soon For Protecting Hillary Clinton

Politics | Nick Givas
'She may be in real trouble here'

The Shocking History of Sexual Misconduct Within James Comey's FBI

Investigative Group | Richard Pollock

Bill de Blasio Made Feb. 22 "Loretta Lynch Day"

US | Joe Simonson
It's official now

FBI Agents Spoke Of 'Pressure' To Wrap Up Clinton Probe As Trump Surged To GOP Nomination

US | Chuck Ross

Someone Leaked About The Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting, So The FBI Started Hunting The Mole

Politics | Chuck Ross
'We need to find that guy!'

Jeff Sessions Defends Loretta Lynch, Acknowledges Using Email Pseudonym

Politics | Chuck Ross
'In defense of Attorney General Lynch'

The FBI Suddenly Found A Bunch Of New Documents About The Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting

Politics | Chuck Ross
'The FBI is out of control'

Clinton: The Idea That Lynch Was Compromised Is 'Outrageous And Insulting'

Politics | Robert Donachie
'There's no doubt that the optics were bad'

Dick Morris: Trump Better Watch His Step Or He's Getting Impeached

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
Author says the President must avoid the 'deep state' at any cost.

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