Obama calls for U.S. to follow Germany's path . . . to blackouts - TheDC Opinion

Energy | Christopher Horner

Obama touts German-style energy policies as German leaders warn of electricity shortages.

Now is the time to slash subsidies

Energy | Rep. Fred Upton

The European experience has taught us that renewable energy subsidies will lead to massive job losses and higher electricity prices.

Hyundai's hilarious "carbon-free" car commercial

Energy | Anthony Watts

In its latest commercial, the Korean auto maker tries to go green — but fails.

Carbon capture technology: solid as gas

Energy | Sarah Lee

Energy Secretary Steven Chu will travel to West Virginia next month to discuss the future of coal. He will be peddling compelling ideas; compelling because those opposed to carbon taxation may recognize the arguments.

Renewable energy and the 'China card' - E21

Energy | interns

Last December, China refused to sign on to the non-binding Copenhagen greenhouse gas reduction goals and in March 2010 was only willing to agree to reduce its “carbon intensity.” Were China a leader in green energy investment and employment, one would expect its government to exploit this competitive advantage by championing a global climate accord.

A one-size-fits-all renewable energy standard will cause more problems than it solves

Energy | Lance Brown

The EPA has done good research on the American Power Act, and it’s clear that there are aspects of the bill that would be beneficial to our energy problem and the country as a whole. But more research must be done, especially on the impact of a renewable energy standard that will surely result when Congress debates the energy plan

Low-carbon fuel standard may be closer than you think

Energy | Former Rep. Tom Corcoran

As we’ve seen in California, the preferred course for national implementation of an LCFS doesn’t envision a national debate, or a vote of the legislature—it depends on executive fiat, and the creation of a system so unwieldy that national regulators will have no choice but to step in