Former NSA chief issues dire attack warning if Snowden extradicted

Tech | Josh Peterson
Hayden's warnings are not unfounded

DOJ indicts Reuters editor for conspiring with Anonymous hackers

Tech | Josh Peterson
The Justice Department announced the charges Thursday

Hackers have it their way with Burger King's Twitter account

US | Josh Peterson
McDonald's: 'Nothing to do with' Burger King's Twitter account getting hacked

Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown indicted for a third time by feds

Politics | Josh Peterson
The sometime public face of hacktivist group Anonymous, was indicted Wednesday

FBI cyber veteran says government is losing cyber battle

Tech | Josh Peterson
LulzSec hacked FBI servers, defaced the CIA’s public website, and pilfered the emails of senior military flag officers after hacking into the servers of Booz Allen Hamilton.

Hacker arrested in NYC cooperated from Day 1

Business | admin
In his Twitter postings, the elite computer hacker known as "Sabu" urged followers to resist the U.S. government and its agents.

Law enforcement official: LulzSec hackers arrested

Business | admin
Top members of the computer hacking group LulzSec have been arrested and will face charges in New York, a law enforcement official said Tuesday.

Former HBGary CEO fired from latest job for obsessive pursuit of Anonymous

Tech | Josh Peterson
Claimed to have infiltrated the ranks of Anonymous in early 2011 and planned to reveal the 'leaders' of the group

Stratfor delays relaunch of site as it recovers from Anonymous attack

Tech | Josh Peterson
'The Stratfor hack is part of what Anonymous says is a weeklong campaign, called LulzXmas'

Suspected LulzSec hacker wanted to work for DoD

Tech | InternAdmin
Arizona man told university that he wanted to do network security work for the Department of Defense

UK police arrest two hacking suspects

Tech | InternAdmin
Total detained this week in connection with Anonymous and LulzSec attacks rises to seven

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