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War on Poverty update: 1 in 3 Americans dipped below poverty line from 2009 to 2011

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Heritage estimates that the government has spent $20.7 TRILLION on means-tested programs since 1964

TheDC interviews Roger Stone: 'Nixon thought LBJ killed Kennedy'

File handout image shows Judge Hughes swearing in U.S. President  Johnson aboard Air Force One in Dallas

‘Richard Nixon told me in 1982 that he immediately knew who Jack Ruby was when he saw him shoot Oswald’

Republican congressman says Cheney will be 'rotting in hell' for Iraq war [VIDEO]

Walter Jones AP

‘Lyndon Johnson’s probably rotting in hell right now because of the Vietnam War’

ANN COULTER: White liberals tell black lies about civil rights


Democrats have the history of the civil rights movement exactly wrong.

The five most overrated presidents

Why the presidents who are often ranked among the greatest in American history are really some of the worst.

Pelosi: A Romney win 'will take us to a period before Lyndon Johnson' - TheDC

House Minority Leader advises Democrats: ‘We don’t agonize, we organize’

Freeing America's pulpits from government censorship

Since 1954, the IRS has had the ability to effectively censor pastors.

Who's the extremist?

Obama is trying to cast Romney as an extremist and himself as a moderate. In reality, it’s the other way around.

Says US should be more like China - TheDC

Bachmann 2012.JPEG

‘What I would do is look at the programs that L.B.J. gave us with the Great Society and they’d be gone,’ said Bachmann

Presidents and our 'Common' culture - TheDC Opinion

Obama isn’t the first president to get into trouble by inviting an entertainer to the White House.

Why Buddy Roemer's campaign finance pledge makes no sense

Roemer has pledged to only accept individual contributions to his presidential campaign of $100 or less.

To win the White House, look to the statehouses

Governors are much more formidable presidential candidates than senators.

Out of Step - AP

Palin warns that Obama has put us on ‘road to ruin’ on Reagan’s centennial

Peace Corps leader, Kennedy-in-law dies at 95 - AP

Sargent Shriver, who announced in 2003 that he had Alzheimer’s disease, passed away Tuesday

Lyndon Johnson buys pants [VIDEO] - PTO

Actual audio of LBJ purchasing pants is among ‘the most intimate words’ ever said by a president

NY judge to sentence geriatric gangster, 93 - AP

Convicted mob boss John ‘Sonny’ Franzese is so old, he knew Frank Sinatra in his heyday

For liberals, too much government is never enough

When will liberals be satisfied with the size of government?

Beware of the lame-duck Congress

Congress should vote to extend the Bush tax cuts, and then go home.

A history of wave elections since 1894 - TheDC

Election handicappers say Republicans could possibly net 75 seats in the House. Here’s a look at prior wave elections.

The presidency's midterm nightmare

Why presidents’ parties typically fare poorly in midterm elections, and why President Obama is making a mistake by firing up his base.