EXCLUSIVE: Teacher Dishes Details Behind The Latest Legal Crusade Against Union Dues

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‘I have gotten nothing in return, you folks are literally not doing a thing for me other than taking a thousand dollars’

West Virginia Senate Vacancy Could Be The End Of Right-To-Work

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‘I think a Democrat should be appointed’

Here's 9 Critical Facts About The Case That Could End Forced Public Union Dues

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‘Many of the things the union bargained for made it harder for me’

They Huff And Puff, But Union Threats Are A Bunch Of Hot Air In Elections

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Federal workers protest the government shutdown October 4, 2013 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

‘The past five years show that voters reward elected officials who courageously work for the people rather than special interests’

Michigan Reminds Union Right-To-Work Is Year Round

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LANSING, MI, - DECEMBER 11: Union members from around the country rally at the Michigan State Capitol to protest a vote on Right-to-Work legislation December 11, 2012 in Lansing, Michigan. Republicans control the Michigan House of Representatives, and Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has said he will sign the bill if it is passed. The new law would make requiring financial support of a union as a condition of employment illegal. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

‘The commission decided it did violate the employees right to refrain’

Michigan Teachers Union Uses Sneaky Tactic To Keep People From Leaving

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Requires letter to special PO Box

REPORT: Why Gov't Unions Can Easily Break The Law

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‘Public sector employees at the state and local level who are union members, however, usually are not afforded this benefit’

Unions Suck Away Millions From Education In Michigan

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Chicago Teachers Union strike (Reuters/John Gress)

‘Each dollar these school districts spend on union lobbyists is a dollar taken from classrooms’

Poll: Michigan Voters Want Roads, Not Business Subsidies

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Detroit Hosts Annual North American International Auto Show

Two-thirds of MI voters say they favor cutting $350 million in corporate welfare to spend on roads

Business Subsidies Coincide With FEWER Jobs In Michigan

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Corporate welfare agency seeks credit for job growth despite presiding over 174 months of above-average unemployment

A Right-To-Work Proposal That Works For Unions

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‘Public sector unions are required by many states to provide services to employees who are allowed to opt out of financially supporting them’

Cig Taxes Will COST States Over $5 Billion This Year

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Excessive cigarette taxes encourage smuggling, reduce government revenues

Michigan Lawmakers Might Eliminate Their Deficit Overnight

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Spending on tax credits for businesses dwarfs budget deficit in Michigan

WELFARE CASES: State Level Subsidies

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See which businesses are getting your tax dolllars

Right-To-Work Ruling Frees Thousands Of Health-Care Workers From Union

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‘It’s very telling of what worker freedom means to people’

Illegal contract obligates district to hire 'multi-ethnic teachers'

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Too expensive to fix, says superintendent

Thugs: Union publishes names of members who opted-out in 'Freeloaders List'

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Freeloaders List Redacted / screenshot

Ex-members could face harassment, retaliation