Bernanke plans to further ease U.S. monetary policy - Reuters

Business | Pat McMahon

The Fed chair points to high unemployment and low inflation as the reason why help is needed, yet gave no specific details

All economics is local

Opinion | J.T. Young

To understand politics’ anti-incumbency, look no further than the economy’s anti-recovery.

Beggar's banquet

Opinion | Bernie McSherry

Even as they accuse others of manipulative practices, nations are increasingly taking steps to weaken their own currencies in a bid to boost exports.

Nobel for explaining why markets fail - MarketWatch

Business | Chad Brady (admin)

Peter Diamond of MIT, Dale Mortensen of Northwestern and Christopher Pissarides of the LSE were honored for their insights into unemployment

Jobs tepid, Dems out, stocks up?

Opinion | Larry Kudlow

Why are stocks rallying on bad economic news? Because that bad news is increasing the likelihood that Republicans will win big in November.

Democrats' flawed logic on taxes

Opinion | J.D. Thorpe

Obama’s reliance on class-warfare and statism punishes success and hinders recovery.

Consumer confidence slips to lowest since February - Reuters

Business | interns

U.S. consumer confidence fell to its lowest level in seven months in September, underscoring lingering worries about the strength of the economic recovery

Destroying King Dollar is not the solution to our economic malaise

Feature:Opinion | Larry Kudlow

Keynesianism isn’t working. Freezing spending, tax rates and regulations would be a much better solution to our economic problems.

That funny old dogma -- Ian Fletcher's ode to mercantilism

Feature:Opinion | Max Borders

Max Borders responds to Ian Fletcher’s criticisms of free trade.

No time to be timid -- tax cuts and spending hikes

Opinion | Jamie Dettmer

We should be cutting taxes and increasing spending. We can worry about the debt later.

OPINION: Killing Keynesianism? - Washington Times

Business | Jeff Winkler (admin)

With government already so large, stimulus spending has little effect

Japan acts to weaken Yen - NYT

Business | Jeff Winkler (admin)

The move is a bid to protect its export-led economy, intervening in international currency markets for the first time since 2004

Supply-side Keynesianism

Opinion | Frank Hill

We need to cut taxes and spending, not just taxes.

Was Keynes a Keynesian?

Opinion | Frank Hill

Would John Maynard Keynes himself even agree with the Obama administration’s policies?

The Business of America Is Business

op-ed | Larry Kudlow

Profits up, rates down, tax cuts, and a stock rally. Things are looking up.

Financial experts and investors spooked by threat of deflation - TheDC

Business | Joe Tauke

Rising job losses and ‘unusual uncertainty’ within the economy have prompted the Federal Reserve and other major financial institutions to slash growth projections for the rest of 2010

Lessons of the summer swoon

Feature:Opinion | Larry Kudlow

Lower inflation is a good thing, but lower growth is not.

How does minimum wage affect the young's high unemployment? - TheDC

| Chris Moody

About 81 million out of the roughly 620 million economically active youth between the ages of 15-24 worldwide were out of a job, a statistic that has analysts warning of a ‘lost generation’

The Washington war on investment

Feature:Opinion | Larry Kudlow

The Democrats remain ignorant of the economic power of saving and investment

Americans increasingly choosing gadgets over garden - WSJ

Business | interns

Americans are buying more computers, televisions, and ipods rather than purchasing furniture and other household equipment