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Madison Square Garden given 10-year eviction notice to make way for new Penn Station

madison square garden

‘The World’s Most Famous Arena’ will relocate for the fifth time

In New York, sports teams’ losing comes naturally - NYT

The Mets have won exactly two World Series in half a century, their last a tidy 25 years back

Thomas still hopes to return to the Knicks - ESPN

He still thinks he can lead them to a title despite past failures

Knicks game postponed after debris falls at Garden - NYT

Garden officials declined to comment on the city’s findings, and gave no indication about how long the arena would be closed

S.E. Cupp’s Diary: Fashion-approval rating link?

This week, my mother—out of nowhere—correctly referenced Jersey Shore’s “The Situation” in a sentence. Not that my mom ain’t cool, but it was like watching Martha Stewart rap a few verses of a Lil Wayne song. I didn’t know where I was for a minute

West Virginia is more like Big East Virginia - LA Times

Huggins, a West Virginia native and former player who returned to his alma mater in 2007, put the Mountaineers on the path to their first Final Four since 1959

Big East tourney: Post-season redemption for bubble teams - The New York Post

Connecticut is used to drama at the Big East Tournament, just not this kind

Mayer's words and actions contradict - GATECRASHER

John Mayer is still apologizing for his recent Playboy interview, but that doesn’t mean he’s cleaning up his act; the embattled pop singer performed two sold-out shows Thursday and Friday at Madison Square Garden, where he again issued a mea culpa for his off-color comments in the men’s mag

S.E. Cupp’s Diary: NASCAR, edamame, and LKL

I wake up today and, per usual, turn on Fox, do some e-mailing, and peruse the headlines online. It’s a Cinnamon Toast Crunch morning, which bodes well, but I realize I’m deep in the midst of Conan/Leno fatigue. Die, story, die.