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Magic Johnson Shows Support For Coach Izzo

Sports | Matt Candler
What did he know?

Magic Johnson Center Of NBA Investigation Into Paul George Tampering

Sports | Hannah Simmons

Los Angeles Lakers Name Magic Johnson President Of Basketball Operations

Sports | Ford Springer
'It's a dream come true to return to the Lakers...'

NBA Legend Calls President Trump 'A Dictator'

Sports | Ford Springer
'We've never had a president like that'

Donald Trump Holds First Silicon Valley Fundraiser

Elections | Eric Lieberman
Still nothing compared to Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Made $270,000 An Hour During A Fundraising Spree With Hollywood Elites

Elections | Eric Lieberman
The press was not allowed at the events

Magic Johnson Informs Square He Is Resigning From Its Board

Business | Jackson Richman
'Due to new projects that will require significant time commitments'

Is Magic Johnson's Son Transitioning Into A Woman?

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
'I just want to let the world know...'

Watch Peyton Manning Smash Eggs On His Giant Forehead

Sports | Christian Datoc
Fallon talked him into doing it

Magic Johnson: 'I Feel Hillary Clinton Will Be A Great President'

Sports | Christian Datoc
Well... agree to disagree

Magic Johnson Ignores Criticism from Clippers Owner

Sports | Reuters
'He's reaching. He's trying to find something that he can grab on to help him save his team, and it's not going to happen'

COULTER: A Man Of Sterling Character

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter
Donald Sterling has a wife!?!?

It's Only Racism When They Want Your Stuff

Opinion | Yolanda Weinberger and James T. Harris
Hypocrisy in the liberal war on private property

WATCH Magic Johnson get a wild ovation for announcing he's not gay

US | Tim Cavanaugh
Latest Obamacare spokesman wanted you to know he was straight in the nineties

Hocus Pocus: Magic Johnson pitches Obamacare

Video | Chuck Ross
'"Young people they think they're Superman. Like nothing's ever going to happen to them'

Magic, Kareem, Russell and Bird outtakes from AT&T ad [VIDEO]

Sports | Stuart Dezenhall
'Be quiet, little man'

Inside Magic Johnson's perfunctory African-American TV network

US | Patrick Howley
Aspire, which was created solely to add diversity to the airwaves, hasn't lived up to its name

Magic Johnson: Obama has done more to address AIDS than Bush

Politics | David Daniels
'President Obama is doing a wonderful job, I think -- better than any president on HIV and AIDS'

Dodgers start new era with Magic Johnson led-group

Sports | InternAdmin
Just four years ago, the Chicago Cubs were purchased for a record-$845 million

Magic Johnson: 'I'm comfortable with' any tax rate Obama and Congress agree on [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Nicholas Ballasy
'What I’m worried about is making sure that if the taxes are going to be higher for those who make over $250,000, can the small business owners get a break and be able to employ more people?'

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