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Iran's president-elect is not so 'moderate,' expert says

Mideast Iran Hasan Rowhani

‘Wherever America’s plots are defeated, it’s very pleasant and likable. Our nation rejoices it’

Secret Service agent almost shot Ahmadinejad UPDATE: Secret Service contradicts

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Incident at the United Nations was reportedly an accident

News agency linked to Iranian regime: Hagel already approved as US 'defense minister'

Chuck Hagel

Red-faced Raja News removes article from website

Ahmadinejad wants to get shot into space

Iran Nuclear

‘I am ready to be the first human to be sent to space by Iranian scientists’

Belgian court forces all-girls Jewish school to admit sons of radical anti-Zionist

Friedman Iran

Father kissed Ahmadinejad at Holocaust denial conference in Tehran

Ahmadinejad meets with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrahkan - TheDC

Louis Farrakhan AP

Iranian President met with infamous black nationalist preacher on Tuesday, according to regime

Federal courts pass judgment on Iran - TheDCNF

UN General Assembly Iran

On the eve of Ahmadinejad’s UN speech, US courts weigh in on Iranian sponsorship of terror and trademark violations

Occupy Wall Street denies and denounces Ahmadinejad - TheDC

Mideast Irans Nuclear Narrative Analysis.JPEG

Activists say press reports about an Ahmadinejad-OWS meet-up are ‘nonsense propaganda’

Ahmadinejad warns Israel: 'Any nation has the right and will indeed defend herself' - TheDC


Tells Piers Morgan on CNN: ‘Of course the Zionists are … very much seeking to fabricate things’

Gutfeld rips 'relic of a dying era' Howard Dean over Netroots Nation remarks - TheDC

Dean suggested on Saturday that the GOP was similar to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Howard Dean likens Romney to Ahmadinejad during 'Netroots' conference - TheDC

‘I don’t know what the Republicans want, but let them go someplace else and stop doing it to us’

Axis of evil? Putin to meet Iran's Ahmadinejad in China - AFP

Putin and Ahmadinejad

Kremlin official: meeting ‘will let Putin personally feel the tension around the Iranian issue’

Nazi propaganda website starts operation in Iran, government censors do nothing - TheDC


‘We as an Internet media outlet consider it a duty to show the ugly and oppressive face of Zionism’

Going old school with Fidel and Raul

When tyrants need a break from the day-to-day grind, they head to Havana.

Finally: Actress tells Sean Penn he's a 'communist a**hole' - TheDC

Sean Penn with Hugo Chavez

During confrontation in airport, past Penn co-star tells the actor how she feels

Rolling out the red carpet for Ahmadinejad

Why does the Iranian dictator get treated like a dignitary every time he visits New York City?

Al Qaeda to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Stop pitching 9/11 conspiracy theories - CBS News

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

‘Al Qaeda, an organization under fire, with no state, succeeded in what Iran couldn’t’

Top 10 funniest tweets of the week - TheDC

Iran Ahmadinejad

‘Doesn’t Ahmadinejad know poverty is a losing issue? He needs to pivot to jobs, draw sharp contrasts with ayatollahs’

Hotel hosting Ahmadinejad in NYC lambasted by activists - TheDC

United Nations

Activists move HQ to hotel, will attempt delivery of petitions to Iranian leader

Columbia University students expected to dine with Ahmadinejad - CBS New York

APTOPIX Mideast Iran Israel Palestinians

Up to fifteen members of the Columbia International Relations Council and Association invited, meeting still tentative