A YUGE Amount Of Media Reporting Has Devolved Into Anti-Trump Fanfiction

op-ed | Eddie Zipperer
Reuters/Jonathan Ernst, Shutterstock/Stefano Buttafoco, Shutterstock/Oldrich

The one-celled organism that is the Trump Russia collusion narrative will never evolve

1 in 4: An Estimate With An Agenda

Opinion | Janet Morana
Great Britain's official council of doctors voted on Friday to change not prosecute women who get abortions. (Youtube screenshot/funnyplox)

The lies continue to circulate

A Very American Coup

Opinion | David Krayden
FILE -- Donald Trump holds up a newspaper as he makes a reference to a story in it while walking through downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire April 27, 2011. REUTERS/Joel Page

‘…media talking heads have convinced themselves that they have both the right and the obligation to take down Donald Trump…’

How to Right The Ship (The S.S. Trump)

Opinion | Nicholas Waddy
U.S. President Donald Trump concludes his remarks about his proposed U.S. government effort against the street gang Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, to a gathering of federal, state and local law enforcement officials in Brentwood, New York, U.S. July 28, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

End the leaks, stop the ‘juvenile’ Twitter attacks, and focus on a singular narrative in the media

Is Church Or The NFL More Popular On Sundays?

Opinion | Mark Tapscott
Jesus Sign, Photo: American Humanist Association

Three times as many people are in church on Sunday morning as there are watching pro football on Sunday afternoons.

Bernie Goldberg: Obama's Attacks On Reporters 'A Sign Of Narcissism'

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘He’s the most thin-skinned president we have ever elected.’

The 'trivialization' of American foreign policy and the risks it invites

Ginni Thomas | Grae Stafford
Vladimir Putin walks past Barack Obama at the G20 in St. Petersburg

‘The media is not really focused on the threats facing the country’

Holder gets stiffed by some media groups

Politics | Neil Munro

Once-compliant news outlets say no to weird meeting invitation from desperate attorney general

CNN journalist criticizes liberal media bias in Jana Winter case

Politics | Patrick Howley

Denver-based CNN journalist Jim Spellman says the total lack of media coverage of the legal travails faced by Fox News reporter Jana Winter for protecting her sources clearly demonstrates an anti-Fox News bias in the press

Obama slams new media, curries favor with skeptical establishment news outlets

Politics | Neil Munro

While Obama mocked their rivals, Gridiron Club media elites mocked Congress

What the mainstream media should be covering - TheDC Opinion

Editorial | Jedediah Bila

The media should pay more attention to the horrific side effects of Obama’s policies.

Publisher seeks to include grassroots Tea Party voices - TheDC

Politics | Matthew Boyle

Voices of the Tea Party is an effort to give a media platform to grassroots conservatives who aren’t getting national attention

New media catches Obama bribing the fourth estate

Feature:Opinion | Howard Rich

Where would we be without websites like The Daily Caller?

When Americans want news, they tune out MSNBC

Opinion | Sonny Palermo

MSNBC attracts fewer viewers than Fox or CNN, especially during major events.

Don't ask, don't tell, don't care

Opinion | Ron Hart

I have no problem with gays serving openly in the military.

Does Obama deserve the 'Comeback Kid' title?

Opinion | Ed Ross

Obama hasn’t earned the “Comeback Kid” moniker yet, but someone else has.

The Tea Party and its impending dilemma - TheDC Opinion

Feature:Opinion | Patrick Courrielche

How the Republican establishment (and Fox News) missed the movement that will lead to a new party.

Scarborough blasts MSNBC for using labels like 'Bush-appointee' to villainize judges - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘Morning Joe’ host says mainstream media will often label judge in effort to villainize when it involves a ruling it doesn’t like