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Pat Robertson: Islam only has a 'religious veneer' [VIDEO] - TheDC

U.S. televangelist Pat Robertson speaks at press conference. Emilio Morenatti/AP.

Televangelist: It’s really a political and economic system

Mali: Suicide bombing adds to fears of instability

APTOPIX Mali Fighting

French-led troops have driven Islamist militants from the main towns in Northern Mali

The next al-Qaida safe haven? Understanding the jihadist threat in Mali

Mali Fighting.JPEG

The most comprehensive and succinct overview of the conflict you are likely to find anywhere

Timbuktu mayor: Mali rebels torched library of ancient manuscripts

Mali Fighting.JPEG

‘It’s true. They have burned the manuscripts’

Islamist rebels gain ground despite intense French air strikes [VIDEO] - AP

French Air Force

Islamist insurgents grabbed more territory in Mali on Monday

Radical Islamists stone couple to death in northern Mali - The DCNF

Somalia al-Qaida

Radical Islamists stone a couple to death in front of onlookers

Women's empowerment programs hurt women

Congress should consider cutting off funding to feminist-inspired programs that hurt women.

G8 nations intervene in Islamic militant kidnappings - AP

The group plots to save seven hostages held by a group associated with al-Qaida in northwest Africa

Niger rebel group infiltrates heavy security to kidnap foreigners - AP

At least 12 foreigners have been snatched by al-Qaida in recent years

Referee back to work; FIFA declines to comment - NYT

Koman Coulibaly back on the job as World Cup referee despite suspicions of an unjust call which cost American victory in the U.S.-Slovenia match