Former State Of The Union Speechwriter Says Trump's Speech Was One Of The Best Ever

Politics | Jonah Bennett
US President Trump addresses Joint Session of Congress in Washington

‘This was one of the best presidential addresses’

Soccer Isn't An Un-American Sport. Football Is.

Opinion | Stan Veuger

‘In a non-socialist, deeply American sport like soccer, low scores are a fair price to pay for decency and freedom.’

Don't sweeten the hemlock

Opinion | Ken Blackwell & Robert Morrison

Why Republicans shouldn’t have repealed Obamacare’s 1099 provision.

In Arizona speech, Obama risks escalating political discourse over Giffords shooting - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

Washington has been gripped by debate over what the president should or should not say

Fiscal conservatives need Illinois' lame duck killer

Opinion | Greg Blankenship

How Republican Senate candidate Mark Kirk could save Americans from cap and trade, tax hikes, and more.

Summit outcome could set stage for GOP coup

Opinion | Dustin Siggins

Two weeks ago, Anthem Blue Cross raised its rates in California rather sharply. To my mind, the move gave a fresh boost to Democratic health care reform, certainly not a positive occurrence—even despite Anthem’s market-based, and quite logical, defense. Furthermore, the federal investigation into the rate hikes gave Obama a bit of a public relations boost, as his administration could now point to “evidence” that their reform was necessary. To paraphrase Nina Easton on Monday’s “Special Report,” Obama’s new health care proposal hopes that the American people dislike insurance companies more than they distrust government officials.

Sullivan had it coming

Opinion | John Guardiano

In case you missed it (though I don’t know how that you could), the big debate now rocking the insular Washington, D.C., journalistic community involves writer and blogger Andrew Sullivan and whether Sullivan is or is not an anti-Semite.

Former CIA Director Hayden: Thiessen’s ‘Courting Disaster’ a must-read

Feature:Opinion | Michael Hayden

Marc Thiessen begins his new book, ‘Courting Disaster,’ with something of a disclaimer: For reasons of security and classification, he says, he should not have been able to write it. He’s right. He shouldn’t have been able to write it. But I’m glad he did.