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Marijuana advocates sense momentum shifting in DC

Marijuana debate heats up in DC

‘It is ludicrous, absurd, crazy to have marijuana in the same level as heroine’

Report: Weed is good for you(r state)

A Seattle Seahawks fan smokes marijuana in a car before watching Super Bowl XLVIII in Seattle

Makin’ millions

Maher: Pot legalization 'the new gay marriage,' 'the next civil rights movement'

‘Real Time’ host spars with former Rep. Patrick Kennedy over marijuana ‘rights’

Effort to repeal Colorado's legal pot law fails at the last minute - TheDCNF

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If voters don’t approve a pot-tax, taxpayers are on the hook to pay for regulating pot industry

Maher asks when Obama is 'going to get the memo that pot is the new gay marriage' [VIDEO]

HBO ‘Real Time’ host criticizes president for his ‘BuzzFeed’ joke at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Denver's 4/20 rally marked by a shooting and record attendance - TheDCNF

Pot rally

Next come the regulations for Colorado’s legal pot

Hawaiian lawmaker introduces pot-legalization bill - TheDCNF

Marijuana AP

If passed, Hawaii will be the third state for legal pot, with more expected to follow

Thresholds for stoned-driving charges remain hazy


Boulder DA: ‘Pick a number and let’s go with it’

Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy kicks off anti-marijuana effort in Colorado - TheDCNF

Rosalyn Carter Joins House Democrats At Mental Health Rally

Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy kicks off anti-marijuana effort in Colorado

Election Day votes likely signal the end of cannabis prohibition

It’s now only a matter of time before marijuana is legal nationwide.

Regulations, not criminal prohibition, best address concerns regarding cannabis

Legalizing marijuana is in everyone’s best interests.