Cain: No endorsement before Iowa caucus - AP

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Former campaign manager Mark Block tells the AP that Cain is not prepared to endorse anyone

RedState editor to Herman Cain: It's time to fire your staff - TheDC

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‘You’ve failed to live up to your own standard of hiring the best people’

Cain camp admits Block was wrong to link accuser to Politico reporter - TheDC

Politics | Alex Pappas
Mark Block

‘We have since learned that is not the case’

Mark Block falsely alleges that Cain accuser's son works for Politico - TheDC

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‘Mark Block must get his facts from Internet comment boards,’ responds alleged son — who does not work for Politico

Cain, Block have different explanations for China gaffe - TheDC

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Inconsistencies between Cain and Block’s statements suggest problem with campaign’s communications strategy

Watchdog complaint: Cain campaign used nonprofit money illegally for iPads, travel - TheDC

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Mark Block

‘This makes Mr. Block the first person in the history of the Act to have both given and received the same illegal contributions’

Cain campaign manager: If Politico had standards, heads would roll [VIDEO] - TheDC

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‘And we’re not going to swim in that cesspool anymore.’

Don't let Herman be Herman

Editorial | Yates Walker

Cain needs to hire new campaign staffers.

Cain campaign chief: Perry camp owes Cain, America an apology - TheDC

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‘The actions of the Perry campaign are despicable’

TheDC Morning: This is what hypocrisy looks like - TheDC

| Jim Treacher

TheDC Morning: This is what hypocrisy looks like

Mark Block and Herman Cain have a 'secret' bet for 2012 [VIDEO] - TheDC

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Cain’s chief of staff promises to quit smoking when Cain is inaugurated

Cain sexual harassment allegations may be fundraising boon - TheDC

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Campaign manager: ‘It was one of our best fundraising days ever’

A smoking Mark Block's exclusive interview with TheDC [VIDEO] - TheDC

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Herman Cain’s famous smoking campaign manager on the trail and his newfound celebrity

Santorum camp: Come clean, Herman - TheDC

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Cain campaign claims sexual harassment scandal backfired, helped raise $250,000

Campaign manager: 'Hard to believe' GOP rival behind harassment story - TheDC

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Mark Block has ‘no clue’ if another Republican candidate planted Politico story

Herman Cain gets tongue lashing from CBS for cigarette smoking in ad - TheDC

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Former Godfather’s CEO accused of allowing his campaign to send a signal that it’s cool to smoke

New video of Herman Cain campaign manager surfaces [VIDEO] - TheDC

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The folks at TheDC spoof Cain’s bizarre new campaign ad

Cain campaign explains video of cig-smoking chief of staff - TheDC

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Mark Block Smokes

‘It was a video with an edge — as the Chief of Staff says, just Block being Block’

Cain's chief of staff smokes in new YouTube ad [VIDEO] - TheDC

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‘We’ve run a campaign like no one’s ever seen, but then, America has never seen a candidate like Herman Cain’

Paul Ryan 'loves' the idea of Herman Cain's tax plan - TheDC

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Cain’s plan could help shape the debate over tax reform moving into 2013, Ryan says