Sixteen House Democrats voted for anti-abortion bill that DCCC is vilifying - TheDC

Politics | Alex Pappas
Paul Ryan and Todd Akin

DCCC targets GOP candidates for supporting 2011 bill to ‘redefine rape’

Another Democrat in close race skipping Democratic National Convention - TheDC

Politics | Alex Pappas

Pennsylvania Rep. Mark Critz won’t be present at President Obama’s re-nomination pageant

Bill Clinton hits his stride both inside and outside the beltway

Opinion | Aaron Guerrero

However with the presidential campaign long in the rearview, Clinton has steadily reminded us why he earned the moniker of “The Comeback Kid,” and why his legacy and reputation were never really in doubt

Democrats resist GOP bid to nationalize election - AP

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Polls show significant discontent with policies linked to Obama and congressional Democrats, including rising deficits and bank bailouts

Message to Republican candidates: Keep it local

Opinion | Liz Mair

All Republicans who are not a shoo-in for election this fall must learn, and learn now: Focus on your state or district, and nationalize your race at your peril

In Pa.-12, dirty politics as usual

Opinion | Ken Hoagland

National Democratic Party officials now say the special election to fill John Murtha’s seat in Pennysvania’s 12th Congressional district foretells election outcomes this fall. Whether true or not, it was also a sordid tale that reflects tactics that make obvious a fundamental contempt for the American public

Congressional short timers - The Daily Caller

Politics | Alex Pappas

Charles Djou and Rep. Mark Critz may be in office for only a few months until voters kick them out

There’s work to be done before November

Opinion | Kristen Soltis

The opportunity is there to make this election big—really big. Big elections are usually based around big ideas. It is becoming increasingly clear that Americans are thirsty for a viable, credible alternative to the status quo

Dems' spin city - The Daily Caller

Politics | Jon Ward

GOP recovers from Pa. loss as DNC seizes on race as good omen for November

Challengers' victories send message to Washington - The Daily Caller/AP

Politics | Jeff Winkler (admin)

Unlikely candidates Rand Paul and Rep. Joe Sestak best establishment picks in primary races

LCG Election Monitor: A midterm super Tuesday - The Daily Caller

Politics | Steve Lombardo

Our sense is that after today there will be a large number of congressional incumbents who will be wishing that they had chosen to retire in 2010

Anti-establishment Tuesday? Four state races to watch - The Daily Caller

Politics | Alex Pappas

The political establishment of both parties will be tested. GOP Sen. Bob Bennett was first incumbent senator to lose party’s nomination, and now Dems are facing losing one or two of their own

Race to replace Murtha may be decisive - The Daily Caller

Politics | Jon Ward

The results in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District may tip the balance in how all of Tuesday’s races — with huge intra-party fights in primaries in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Arkansas — are viewed