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Son of famous Beat murderer Lucien Carr disputes 'Kill Your Darlings' film's version of events

Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Michael C. Hall attend the film premiere of "Kill Your Darlings" in Beverly Hills

Does the John Krokidas film let a gay pedophile stalker off the hook?

Nature's God: National Geographic's new $500 book

The Creation of Adam detail from the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Photo: public domain

It’s massive, it’s epic, and it made me see Jesus.

Dear God: Not another Jesus movie

Music-The Bible.JPEG

It’s time for the conservative film industry to branch out

The elitist roots of American liberalism

Anti-Hillary PAC Demands Barbara Walters Explain "Most Fascinating" Pick

Unplug Fox News, eradicate the last opponent of gay marriage, and usher in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Days of heaven: Why Terrence Malick should film my book

Plate Collisions Ban.JPEG

Among other reasons, because he hasn’t done a baseball movie yet.

Sex and Duck Dynasty: the liberal double standard

TV Duck Dynasty.JPEG

Phil Robertson put his finger on what we’re not allowed to talk about.

Vatican Justice League: Understanding two popes

Pope Francis waves to the faithful as he appears at the window of his future private apartment in St. Peter's Square, during the Angelus prayer at the Vatican

Pope Francis is Superman, John Paul II the Dark Knight

Going clear: Is Obama worship like Scientology?


The cults of LRH and BHO

Jesus Christ, modernist

Hobby Lobby and the return to paganism

Fifty shades of Barack


At first the thrill was mind-blowing. Then, reality struck.

How the American left lost its nerve


David Horowitz’s black book traces the radical left’s decline from revolutionary vanguard to the apologetics of power.

The press and President Mitt Romney, Part II

Former U.S. presidential candidate Romney speaks to the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland

How would the media have covered Benghazi, Syria, and the meager recovery?

The angry ladies of Jezebel

Switzerland Davos Forum Protest.JPEG

The feminist website has a new book out — and it’s about as snarky as you’d expect.

In defense of Obamacare

Pelosi and Reid lead a rally to celebrate Obamacare at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

The president’s health care plan is mostly conservative

Book review: Hugh Hefner's Playboy

Bracket Racket.JPEG

If he were to launch Playboy today, Hugh Hefner might be hailed as a conservative free thinker

Morning D'oh: Joe Scarborough's contradictory new book


The MSNBC host tries to have it every way to Sunday

Race for no cure

Humane Society Genesis Awards.JPEG

Celebrities should stop their narcissistic displays of their own suffering.

Miley Cyrus and American malaise

2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Remember when America was a joyful place?

Barack Obama: the first female president

Obama Ramadan.JPEG

Sorry Hillary, the glass ceiling has been shattered

Justice League: The conservatism of comic books

Batman Comics Auction.JPEG

The biggest comic book ever is a testament to the medium’s enduring strength.