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Congressional Candidate Katie Arrington Out Of Intensive Care After Car Crash

Politics | Evie Fordham
The congressional candidate is expected to make a full recovery

Candidate Who Defeated Sanford Expected To Recover After Serious Car Crash

Politics | Julia Cohen
Katie Arrington will remain in the hospital for at least two weeks

GOP Candidate Who Defeated Rep Sanford Injured In Car Wreck

Politics | Thomas Phippen
The Democratic opponent suspended all campaign activities

Trump Openly Mocks 'Nasty' Mark Sanford After Primary Loss

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'I just want to congratulate him'

'The View' Cheers Female Candidates — Then McCain Reminds Them A GOP Woman Just Won In S.C.

| Virginia Kruta
'Did you hear what I said?'

Trump Rubs Mark Sanford's Loss In His Face

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'I had to give it a shot'

Katie Arrington Defeats Mark Sanford In GOP Primary Hours After Trump Endorsement

Politics | Henry Rodgers
Sanford declared defeat

Sanford Blasts Administration's Call To Expand Offshore Drilling

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke
'I think we could all agree that locals should have some degree of voice'

Conservatives Look To Ensure Taxes Won't Be Raised On Middle Class

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke
'The concern is real'

Illegal Cellphones Are Being Used To Assassinate Police Officers And Their Families

US | Eric Lieberman
'I instantly knew this was a hit'

MSNBC Asks Mark Sanford If Trump's Tweets Are Sexist

Politics | Amber Athey
He's an expert

Mark Sanford On Trump's Budget: 'It's Not Only A Myth, It's Frankly A Lie'

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke
'What's incumbent upon us it to have a real debate about real numbers'

Mark Sanford Didn't Go To That GOP Rose Garden Party

Politics | Amber Athey
'This is a solemn issue'

These Three Congressmen Voted For The Obamacare Replacement. Did They Read It? NOPE!

Politics | Kaitlan Collins
It passed 217 to 213 in the House this week

South Carolina GOP Representative Takes On Trump, Again

Politics | Ted Goodman
'I don't work for him. I work for about 750,000 people here in the first congressional district'

Freedom Caucus Member: Trump Threatened To Run Primary Challenger Against Me

Politics | Kerry Picket
'The president asked me to look you square in the eyes and to say that he hoped that you voted no on this bill'

Moderate GOP Rep: I Have No Interest In Meeting With House Freedom Caucus

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke
'Just hang up'

HFC Member Insists Health Care Break Down Was In Good Faith

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke
'We're trying to serve him a victory'

Trump Is 'Not Considering' A Carbon Tax

Energy | Michael Bastasch
But some want you to think he is ...

A Republican Leader Has Had Enough Of Rand Paul's Criticism Of The Obamacare Repeal

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke
'I just don't see how Rand Paul's bill works'

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