David Brooks: Intrade prediction market 'extremely stupid' - TheDC

Elections | Jeff Poor

New York Times columnist explains why market system metric based on ‘the wisdom of crowds’ is unreliable

Practicing free-market environmentalism

Opinion | Andrew Glidden

Is our system of federal and state environmental regulations necessary?

China now second largest economy - FOX Business

Business | interns

Country’s rapid growth surpasses Japan and may soon exceed U.S.

Apple passes Microsoft as world's biggest tech co. - AP

Business | admin

Apple’s move comes as the company’s iPhone, and now its iPad, have taken on more of the personal computing tasks once handled by computers running Windows

FHA commissioner: Housing market 'purely on life support' - BLOOMBERG

Business | interns

The Federal Housing Administration may have lent more than Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac combined in the first quarter to keep real estate prices from crashing

SEC probes big trading firms' role in stock plunge

Business | admin

Staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission said the possible retreat of big ‘liquidity providers’ during the market plunge is an area of focus in the investigation

Biden to the rescue: VP promises to stop financial reform cynics - AFP

Politics | interns

US Vice President Joe Biden warned Tuesday the Obama administration would not let “powerful,” “cynical” foes block its financial reform plan, including the regulation of “shadowy” derivatives

Wall Street rises as worries ease - THE NEW YORK TIMES

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A morning of timid trading had turned into a lively rally by afternoon, as European leaders reiterated a pledge to pre-empt financial disaster in Greece and across Europe

Treasury to protect repo market - Bloomberg

Business | AJ

Treasury officials say they’re considering ways to sustain trading in the $3.8 trillion-a-day repurchase agreement market as the Obama administration plans a regulatory overhaul that may change how banks fund operations

Wall Street stumbles - Washington Post

Business | AJ

U.S. stocks fell as President Barack Obama outlined plans to impose new restrictions on banks, sending financial stocks reeling Thursday