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Rover Finds That Mars Could Have Supported Life For 700 Million Years

Energy | Andrew Follett
'A habitable environment on Mars, three billion years ago'

Is NASA's Mars Rover Getting Close To Artificial Intelligence?

Energy | Andrew Follett
Curiosity can search for rocks even when not in contact with NASA

New Rover Evidence Suggests Mars May Have Been Habitable 3.5 Billion Years Ago

US | Andrew Follett
'We think early Mars may have been similar to early Earth'

NASA's Mars Rover May Finally Be Breaking Down

Energy | Andrew Follett
'More than enough working lifespan remaining to get the vehicle to all destinations planned'

Could These Tiny Origami Robots Be The Future Of Space Exploration?

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Used in hard-to-reach locations — squeezing under ledges, for example'

NASA's Next Mars Rover Finishes Testing

Energy | Andrew Follett
Powerful laser drill

Meteors Indicate There Was Water On Ancient Mars

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Changes the water budget of Mars dramatically'

3.7 Billion Year Old Fossil Means Life On Mars Is Likely

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Early Mars and early Earth are very similar places'

Is NASA Ready For A Venus Rover?

Energy | Andrew Follett
Computer can handle 864 degrees of heat

How Searching For Alien Life Just Got 10,000 Times Easier

Energy | Andrew Follett
Could help locate alien life on ocean-like worlds...

NASA Says 13-Year-Old Mars Rover Is 'Acting Like A Teenager'

Energy | Andrew Follett
Rover has been disobeying NASA commands ...

Is This The Mars Rover's Best Evidence For Water On Mars Yet?

Energy | Andrew Follett
Curiosity found numerous organic molecules 'all over' Mars

MIT Scientists Are Looking For DNA On Mars

Energy | Andrew Follett
Could life on Earth have gotten started on Mars?

Mars Rover 'Hit A Jackpot' In Search For Alien Life

Energy | Andrew Follett
'This is all good for habitability'

EU To Build Another Mars Rover, Previous Attempt Now Smoking Crater Visible From Space

Energy | Andrew Follett
Nobody but the U.S. has operated Mars probe for longer than 14.5 seconds

NASA's Mars Rover Finds Red Planet Has Organic Material 'All Over'

Energy | Andrew Follett
Scientist: 'I am convinced that organics are all over Mars'

Life May Have Existed On Mars For Over 100 Million Years, Rover Data Concludes

Energy | Andrew Follett
'All very good for habitability over long periods of time'

US To Run Out Of Power Source For Deep-Space Missions In 10 Years

Energy | Andrew Follett
Only 77 pounds of Pu-238 left in America -- just half of that is in usable condition

UFOs, selfies, mysterious moving rocks and other news from Mars

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Mars Curiosity still roving the Red Planet despite the shutdown

Tech | Josh Peterson
'The Mars Rovers are not stopped because of the government shutdown'

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