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Reality TV Will Choose The First 'Mars One' Crew To The Red Planet

Mars One
Audience may reportedly be a part of the selection process

Elon Musk Wants SpaceX's New Ship To Forge The Path To Mars

‘Maybe, to some degree, this helps revive the dream of Apollo’

Mysterious white light appears in Mars Curiosity rover photo

Curiosity photo April 3

‘An artificial light source was seen this week in this NASA photo which shows light shining upward from… the ground’

Muslims forbidden from punching one-way ticket to Mars

The Ares 1-X test rocket lifts off on a six-minute suborbital flight from launch pad 39B at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral

Interplanetary travel is no escape from Allah

Elon Musk and Space X want to colonize Mars in a decade

Elon Musk and Charles Bolden address SpaceX employees at the SpaceX facility in Hawthorne

‘It will make the Apollo moon rocket look small’

UFOs, selfies, mysterious moving rocks and other news from Mars

Curiosity image
Headlines from the red planet

India's first Mars mission blasts off from south coast

India's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, carrying the Mars orbiter, lifts off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota

India launched its first spacecraft to Mars on Tuesday

NASA: Water molecules found in Martian soil

Mars Curiosity Photo Gallery.JPEG

Planet may hold prerequisite for life

Over 100,000 people don't want to live on this planet anymore

Future Mars.JPEG

Thousands applying for one-way tickets to Mars in 2023

Mars group looking for people who want to leave Earth and never come back - TheDC

A view of Mars. AP Photo/NASA.

Likely death trap definitely a very cool experience

Mars Curiosity flirts with Britney Spears [VIDEO] - TheDC

Robot: Red planet ‘looking good’ since ‘Oops… I Did it Again’ music video shoot

NASA rover on target for August landing on Mars - AP

Mars Science Lab

The two-year, $2.5 billion mission seeks to determine whether the environment could have been suitable for microbial life.

NASA launches mission to Mars - AP

Mars Rover

It will take 8½ months for Curiosity to reach Mars following a journey of 354 million miles

NASA: Water flows on Mars during warm months - PC World

ESA's Mars Express Returns Images Of Echus Chasma

Planet reaches temperatures of up to 23 degrees Fahrenheit

Chavez says capitalism may have ended life on Mars - Reuters

Venezuelan socialist President Hugo Chavez stated that there probably was civilization on Mars, but capitalism and imperialism killed the planet

Scientists: NASA must study sex in space - FOX News

Has anyone done it before? Can a child be conceived in zero-G?

NASA and Microsoft release stunning new interactive Mars tour - Popular Science

It took three years, but NASA and Microsoft have completed a high-resolution map of Mars that anybody can access

Seventh grade space discovery - Space

Middle schoolers discover mysterious cave on Mars

Mars500 crewman offers first video tour inside the locked facility - Popular Science

A crew of six has begun their simulated mission to Mars, which involves 520 days spent locked in a container in Moscow with Guitar Hero and few showers

Martian pond scum - THE SUN

A special mission to the Red Planet has revealed the likely presence of a form of pond scum – the building blocks of life as we know it