Martha Stewart Just Put Hillary Clinton In Her Place When She Did This

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Martha Stewart

‘Up in Hillary’s face…’

Martha Stewart: 'Orange Is The New Black' 'Not As Good As The Real Thing'

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
Martha Stewart speaks on stage at the Martha Stewart American Made Summit on November 8, 2014 in New York City

‘The real characters are better’

The 9 Most Preposterous Parts Of Melissa Click's Absurd Resume

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Melissa Click [YouTube screengrab]

Redneck weddings, taxpayer-funded Twilight conventions, and more

Martha Stewart Dishes On Donald Trump's Gold Plane

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

‘Now he thinks he can be president’

HERE TO HELP: How Hillary Can Thrive In Prison, If It Comes To That

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

From pantsuit to jumpsuit?

Martha Stewart On The Justin Bieber Roast: 'I Was Totally High'

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

She did sit next to Snoop Dogg

Kevin Hart On Justin Bieber: 'We're Going To Give This Boy The A** Whooping He Deserves'

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

‘Gonna do what Justin’s parents and the legal system should have’

Former Inmate To Roast Justin Bieber On Comedy Central

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

That’s right

Morning Mirror

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
morning mirror 7 x 3-2

Martha Stewart Starts Domestic War With Gwyneth Paltrow

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Well, she has done time in prison

Martha Stewart Uses Drones To Take Pictures Of Her Farm

US | Lauren Eissler
Martha Stewart

Drones are ‘lots of fun to play with’

Martha Stewart's nemesis is the new FBI director

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
Martha Stewart waves as she boards a cha

Comey brought forth the charges that sent the nice rich lady to jail

Martha Stewart: Obama has 'tried really hard' - TheDC

Video | Nicholas Ballasy

‘In my mind, he has tried really hard. He’s met a little opposition’

Martha Stewart's dog wins big at Westminster Kennel Club show - TheDC

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

Stewart’s beloved Chow Chow, Genghis Khan, won best in breed at the Westminster Kennel Club show

Hallmark channel drops Martha Stewart for Marie Osmond - TheDC

Entertainment | Alex Myers

High production costs leave ‘Martha Stewart Show’ to cease production

JC Penney buying stake in Martha Stewart Living - AP

Business | admin

As part of a 10-year deal, the companies will create Martha Stewart retail stores within most J.C. Penney locations

Dog whisperer she is not: Martha Stewart gets stitches after startling her sleeping dog - AP

Entertainment | admin

The lifestyle guru needed a round of stitches after startling her dog Francesca while leaning down to ‘whisper goodbye’

TheDC sends an intern on a White House Holiday Tour [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

Entertainment | Alec Jacobs

So I went on a White House tour! And an extra special one at that, because the White House is decorated for the holidays! Only it wasn’t really so special

'The Simpsons' recruit Harry Potter, 'Glee' and Facebook - NY Post

Entertainment | interns

The animated series has big plans for season 22

S.E. Cupp’s Diary: Fashion-approval rating link?

Opinion | S.E. Cupp

This week, my mother—out of nowhere—correctly referenced Jersey Shore’s “The Situation” in a sentence. Not that my mom ain’t cool, but it was like watching Martha Stewart rap a few verses of a Lil Wayne song. I didn’t know where I was for a minute