Shelby Steele On Liberalism And Race Issues In America

Ginni Thomas | Ginni Thomas

‘Biggest threat to our culture’

Star Parker: Black Leaders Peddle 'The Perception Of Racism’ To Get Money And Power

Ginni Thomas | Ginni Thomas

‘Revenge and redistribution’

Talk Of Racial Reparations Produces A Toxic Policy Debate

Opinion | David Krayden
People walk over the names of people killed by police as they take part in a protest against the killing of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and in support of Black Lives Matter during a march along Manhattan's streets in New York July 8, 2016. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Reparations have not produced positive results when imposed upon countries and they will not work if forced upon people.

Canadian Green Candidate Blames 'White Privilege' For Awkward MLK Speech Reenactment

World | David Krayden

‘I have to own my white privilege and my station in society.’

Why Doesn't Obama's Plan For Black Boys Mention Fathers?

US | Luke Rosiak
My Brothers Keeper / US Government photo

Focuses on fudging statistics, not reducing actual crime

Who Is Illegitimate In The Trump-Lewis Feud?

Opinion | David Krayden

If only Black Lives Matter, then we are living in a society that is just as racially divided and unbalanced as the era of Jim Crow.

FREE AT LAST: HuffPo's Ryan Reilly Says Donating To Charity Isn't Worth His Time

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Sometimes not reminiscing on your own douchiness is the way to go.

MLK Packed Heat But Obama Cites Him To Shame Gun Control Opponents

Washington Gadfly | Evan Gahr
Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. during a press conference

‘Guns made the civil rights movement possible’

Kim Davis's Battle: Will Americans Let Elitists Reverse The American Revolution?

| Alan Keyes
Kim Davis speaks to her supporters after walking out of jail in Grayson Kentucky

The abandonment of the Declaration is an existential threat to the union

MLK Gave A Speech Yesterday, Morons Tell Jimmy Kimmel

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

King has been dead since 1968

What If Martin Luther King, Jr's Work Wasn't About A Fundamental Right?

Opinion | Shoshana Weissmann

Judges routinely decide not to provide real protection for non-fundamental rights.

Unraveling Martin Luther King's Political Allegiance

Opinion | W. James Antle III
Martin Luther King Jr / Wikimedia Commons

Does it matter if he was a conservative?

Michael Moore: I Wasn't Talking About Chris Kyle When I Called Snipers 'Cowards'

Entertainment | Derek Hunter

And can’t help but go on a rant

Civil Rights Are Too Important To Leave To Special-Interest Advocates

Opinion | Jonathan Bean
Martin Luther King Jr / Wikimedia Commons

How the Civil Rights Commission’s state committees were captured by groupthink.

Madonna Defends Her Photo Of MLK Jr. With Black Cord Tied Around His Face

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

The 56-year-old said she was not comparing herself to civil rights leader

Maryland Democrats Double Down On Race Card, Now Using Ferguson

Politics | Derek Hunter

Democrats panic as race tightens

Mo Brooks Explains His 'War On Whites' Comments

Politics | Neil Munro
President Barack Obama holds a news conference at the conclusion of the the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit at the State Department in Washington

‘The Democrats want to take us back the days of racial strife and disharmony, and perhaps even violence’

The left doesn't believe in Dr. King's colorblind dream

Opinion | Jennifer Gratz
Martin Luther King Jr / Wikimedia Commons

From racially distributed public school discipline, to craft brewing affirmative action, the dream is fading away.