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Did Facebook Censor An Anti-Immigrant Video? The Hungarian PM's Chief Of Staff Says So

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Crime is a lot higher and people are living in bigger fear'

San Diego Schools Ordered To Come Clean About Coordinating With Muslim Advocacy Group

Investigative Group | Andrew Kerr
'Other faiths are left on the outside'

Soros Chalks Up Another DA Win After Dropping Nearly $1 Million In Texas Race

Investigative Group | Peter Hasson
Another big win for Soros

EXCLUSIVE: The NYT Executive Editor Calls Opinion Page 'Far Left Wing' In Private Meeting

Media | Joe Simonson
And that's why the paper hired Bret Stephens

Democrats' Anti-Semitism Problem Just Got A Whole Lot Worse

Politics | Peter Hasson
'Outstanding human being'

The Ratings For Jimmy Kimmel's Trump Hate-Fest Oscars Crater Towards All-Time Low

Politics | Benny Johnson
Is anyone surprised?

The Numbers Are In After 6 Months Of Campus Carry At KU, And Gun Controllers Will NOT Be Happy

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Scott Morefield
"More Guns, Less Crime"

YouTube Sponsors A 9/11 Truther

Investigative Group | Peter Hasson
'Inside job'

Bernie’s 2016 Foreign Collusion Is Unraveling Like A Bloomin’ Onion

Investigative Group | Andrew Kerr
'prohibited in-kind foreign contribution'

House Intel Dems Accused Of Inaccurate Leaks About Hope Hicks Testimony

Politics | Chuck Ross
'It was a trap, Erin'

Why Did The FBI Let A Congressional Hacking Suspect Leave The Country?

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak
'It's outrageous the things that have happened in this case'

REVEALED: Here's Who Is Helping YouTube Censor Speech

Tech | Peter Hasson
'A problem for the nation'

Report: Deputies Were TOLD Not To Go Into High School

Media | Justin Caruso
This is big.

CNN Might Have Skewed Trump's Approval Rating

Politics | Robert Donachie
We have a few thoughts

The Shocking History of Sexual Misconduct Within James Comey's FBI

Investigative Group | Richard Pollock

The NRA Boycotts Are Having An Unintended Effect

Politics | Peter Hasson
'Boycotts work both ways'

Student Says CNN Planted 'Scripted' Question At Gun Control Town Hall

Politics | Peter Hasson
'It ended up being all scripted'

Attorney General Catches Flack Over New Revelations On Obama Administration And Russia

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'A VERY weak position'

CIA Argues The Public Can't See Classified Information It Has Already Given To Favored Reporters

Defense | Will Racke
Special privileges?

EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Official Bruce Ohr Hid Fusion GPS Payments From Ethics Officials

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak
Not good

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