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See Hillary's Shady Response To A Question About Keystone XL

Politics | Michael Bastasch
Hillary's first rule about Keystone, don't talk about Keystone

As Landrieu Goes, So Goes Pork: Taxpayers Are Still Fed Up With Earmark Spending

Opinion | Alexandra Booze
From 2008-2010, she was responsible for 436 earmarks.

Obama Bashes Keystone XL On 'The Colbert Report'

Politics | Michael Bastasch
'It's not going to push down gas prices here in the United States, it's good for Canada'

30 Of The 60 Senators Who Voted For Obamacare Will Soon Be Out Of Congress

Politics | Sarah Hurtubise
Landrieu's defeat makes 30

Republican Challenger Wins Louisiana US Senate Race

Politics | Reuters
Landrieu conceded defeat to Cassidy Saturday night

Wind Power Lobby Hopes Its Big Election Spending Pays Off

Politics | Michael Bastasch
Little to show for their $17.5 million

Landrieu's Last Stand: The Top Moments From The Louisiana Senate Debate

Politics | Al Weaver
Four more days until the Bayou State votes, once again

Report: Obama Quietly Endorses Mary Landrieu In Louisiana

Politics | Alex Pappas
A Hail Mary

Politician Whose Son Is Landrieu's Chief-Of-Staff Urges Voters To 'Vote Twice'

Politics | Chuck Ross
'Go vote again tomorrow'

Landrieu Chief-Of-Staff Says She'll Help Obama 'Finish' His Agenda

Politics | Alex Griswold
'He can't finish his agenda, because he doesn't have people like Mary Landrieu with him...'

Gruber Makes His First Appearance In A Political Ad

Politics | Chuck Ross
Landrieu gets Grubered

GOP Leaders Vow To Avenge Keystone XL's Defeat

Politics | Michael Bastasch
'The Keystone XL pipeline will be a top priority next year for the new majority'

Here's How The Keystone Pipeline Vote Went Down Last Night

Politics | Michael Bastasch
Mary Landrieu hardest hit?

A Tale Of Two Outcomes: NYT Ready To Praise Landrieu For Keystone No Matter What Happens

Politics | Derek Hunter
Both praise Senator Landrieu for her work fighting for her state.

Sen. Dick Durbin Could Determine The Future Of Keystone XL Bill

Politics | Michael Bastasch
Will he be the 60th vote?

Freezing Global Warming Activists Huddle Inside Senate To Protest Keystone Dems

Politics | Michael Bastasch
They bundled up to withstand the frigid blast of Arctic weather and protest against pro-Keystone Democrats...

Protesters SWARM Mary Landrieu's Capitol Hill Home

Politics | Alex Pappas
Keystone XL pipeline vote expected this week

Chris Matthews: Obama May Veto Keystone XL Now, But 'It Will Happen'

Politics | Al Weaver
'There are jobs in it'

McCaskill On Vote Against Harry Reid: Dems Got 'Walloped' In Midterms, Need Change

Politics | Al Weaver
'It's just common sense, and it's not complicated'

House Preempts Senate Democrats, Passes Keystone XL Bill

Politics | Michael Bastasch
Republicans aim to neutralize Mary Landrieu's push

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