Thanks to nuclear option, Senate Dems confirm radical judge

Politics | Matt K. Lewis
Democratic senator Mary Landrieu listens alongside Harry Reid in Washington.

She’s the kind of nominee the Democrats went nuclear for.

Look upon my healthcare reform, ye Mighty, and despair

Opinion | Brandon Howell
House Minority leader Pelosi arrives for lunch meeting with Democratic House members in the U.S. Capitol in Washington

The president’s party is getting weary of apologizing for his failures.

Democrats not fully satisfied by Obamacare administrative fix

Politics | Alexis Levinson
Joe Manchin Amy Klobuchar

Sen. Landrieu called it a “great first step,” suggesting more needs to be done

Maness looks to shake up Louisiana Senate race

Politics | Alexis Levinson

Maness was endorsed by the Senate Conservatives Fund last week

Dem senator snubs Obama during prez's visit

Politics | Patrick Howley
President Obama meets officials after arriving at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans


It wasn’t just Obama: Red state Dems said ‘if you like your plan, you can keep it,’ too

Matt Lewis | Matt K. Lewis
Sen. Mary Landrieu. Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images.

Sen. Begich, for example, said: “If you’ve got an insurance plan now, if you like it you can keep it. That’s yours, you can do whatever you want.”

See how the RNC is using the shutdown to target Dems

Politics | Caroline May
DNC Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. AP Photo/Lynne Sladky.

‘They are playing politics by cutting off our veterans and their benefits’

NRSC goes on the attack outside Landrieu fundraiser

Politics | Alexis Levinson
Gulf Oil Spill Hearings Continue On Capitol Hill

‘Is Senator Landrieu representing Louisiana or her husband’s valuable clients?’

Republican accuses fellow lawmakers of 'lying' about Obamacare exemption

Politics | Alex Pappas
Gulf Oil Spill Hearings Continue On Capitol Hill

‘Trying to mislead the public’

Obamacare causing problems for Republican in Louisiana

Politics | Alexis Levinson

‘Obamacare, Cassidycare, Landrieucare, whatever you call it, it adds up to the same thing’

Senate Dems break with Obama on Keystone

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
Gulf Oil Spill Hearings Continue On Capitol Hill

‘It has taken this administration longer to make a decision on the Keystone pipeline than it took us to beat Hitler in WWII’

Geography fail: Landrieu says South Dakota borders Canada in anti-border fence speech

Politics | Jeff Poor

Louisiana senator a little confused about geography

Second Republican challenges Landrieu for Senate

Elections | Alexis Levinson
Mary Landrieu

‘I will stand with Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and stand alone when needed’

Tony Perkins floated as possible candidate for Louisiana Senate seat

Politics | Alex Pappas
Tony Perkins

‘He would be a strong addition to a burgeoning conservative caucus’

Sen. Landrieu has now paid tax penalty on D.C. mansion, office says

Politics | Alex Pappas
Gulf Oil Spill Hearings Continue On Capitol Hill

The house is worth about $2.3 million, according to online assessments

Democratic senator pushing higher taxes faces outstanding $1,200 tax penalty

Politics | Alex Pappas
Gulf Oil Spill Hearings Continue On Capitol Hill

Sen. Mary Landrieu ran afoul of DC government, owes unspecified debt on mansion’s tax bill

Democrat Landrieu says GOP lawmakers showboating for wanting more cuts - TheDC

Politics | Alex Pappas
Mary Landrieu

Senator slams Republicans for voting against spending cap

Unlikely Senate millionaire surtax a likely 2012 talking point - TheDC

Politics | Neil Munro
Harry Reid

Democrat proposal may not pass, but could hurt GOP in 2012 elections

Congress launches counteroffensive to Obama's war on fossil fuels - TheDC Opinion

Opinion | Deneen Borelli

A bipartisan coalition in Congress is finally pushing back against the president’s progressive energy agenda.

Sen. Mary Landrieu confronts Interior Secretary Salazar on drilling - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

The frustrated Louisiana senator grilled Salazar face to face Wednesday on his agency’s position on deep-water drilling