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Unlikely Senate millionaire surtax a likely 2012 talking point - TheDC

Harry Reid

Democrat proposal may not pass, but could hurt GOP in 2012 elections

Congress launches counteroffensive to Obama's war on fossil fuels - TheDC Opinion

A bipartisan coalition in Congress is finally pushing back against the president’s progressive energy agenda.

Sen. Mary Landrieu confronts Interior Secretary Salazar on drilling - TheDC

The frustrated Louisiana senator grilled Salazar face to face Wednesday on his agency’s position on deep-water drilling

Obama drilling moratorium bankrupts Gulf oil company - TheDC

Seahawk Drilling CEO: forced to file bankruptcy because of ‘unprecedented decline in the issuance of offshore drilling permits’

Is cutting taxes immoral?

Liberals are arguing that it is immoral to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. They’re wrong.

5 questions with James O'Keefe - TheDC

O’Keefe made headlines with his ACORN investigation and became a hero to conservatives

In His DREAMs? - TheDC

Dems are pushing for a vote while GOP claims legislation will grant amnesty to 2.1 million illegals

More GOP Senate gains in 2012, 2014 inevitable

Republicans could have a filibuster-proof Senate majority as early as 2013.

The reluctant Gulf warrior

Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu has become an unlikely champion of Louisiana’s oil and gas industry.

New Orleans' resilience will keep it on the road to recovery

By making timely and targeted investments, we can give the Gulf region the shot in the arm it needs to weather the latest economic storm.

TheDC Analysis: Offshore drilling moratorium's end is way overdue - TheDC

Botched government handling of BP oil leak marked by misguided drilling ban’s very existence

The Senate should reject the federal renewable energy standard bill

A federal renewable energy standard would hit the poor the hardest.

Louisiana Democrat blocks Obama appointment - The Hill

Mary Landrieu is holding up the debate on OMB nominee Jacob Lew over the administration’s oil moratorium

DREAM act remains up in the air - The Hill

Several key Democratic senators have not made up their mind on the immigration amendment that will be attached to the defense authorization bill

Americans can't afford the offshore drilling moratorium

The drilling moratorium could cost Louisiana’s economy more than the oil spill itself did.

TheDC's 50 Best Colleges, 50-41 - TheDC

Politicians, the greatest people in the world, only choose the best when it comes to education

Imaginary savings used to justify $26-billion in extra spending

Using the classic Washington fib that “It’s paid for,” Congress is spending an extra $26-billion to bail out state governments

Residents of Gulf Coast receive more good news - TheDC

The government announced a possible early end to its drilling moratorium on Tuesday

OPINION: How could an American president be so anti-American? - TheDC

The nation has steadily watched President Obama and his administration almost exclusively govern against the will of the people

GOP hands Reid second legislative setback of the week - The Hill

Senate Republicans blocked progress on small-business legislation, handing Majority Leader Harry Reid his second defeat of the week.