Math Is 'White Privilege,' Professor Claims

Education | Ian Miles Cheong
Greek terms in algebra and being good at math disadvantages non-white people, argues the professor

Here's The World's Hottest Math Teacher In Hot Numerical Action -- And In A Bikini

Education | Eric Owens
Her geometry is perfect

Professor: American Students Can't Do Basic Algebra So Stop Requiring It

Education | Eric Owens
'Will algebra help you understand the federal budget?'

You'll Never Guess The World's New, Most GI-NORMOUS Prime Number

Education | Eric Owens
Thanks, America!

Common Core Creator: Why Parents Shouldn't Help Their Own Kids With Math

Education | Eric Owens
'The math instruction on the part of parents should be low'

Arkansas Bill Would Force These Kids Today To Learn How To Make Correct Change

Education | Eric Owens
'This is just a simple solution to an everyday problem'

Stanford Professor Says Memorizing Multiplication Tables Is 'Harmful'

Education | Eric Owens
Stress over rigors of remembering grossly simple facts deters students, she argues

Common Core Math Proponents Defend The Standards

Education | Blake Neff
'They give the teacher a way to teach in-depth'

Markey: 'It's really not math. It's just arithmetic'

Politics | Alexis Levinson
'It's very simple arithmetic. It's not as complicated as math.'

Students with autism likely candidates for STEM degrees

Education | Nicole Lafond
STEM degrees actively sought by U.S. business and policy leaders

Math proves Universe had a beginning

Tech | Josh Peterson
Since the observational evidence is that our universe is expanding, then it must also have been born in the past.

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