Former MAIG Boss: Gun Control Wouldn’t Stop Mass Murderers

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But they still want gun control anyway

Six Falsehoods Pushed By Bloomberg's Gun Control Apparatchiks

Opinion | John Lott
Michael Bloomberg. Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

The big fibs the media lets slide.

Bloomberg’s publicity hounds howl for attention following Ft. Hood crime

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Before the wounds heal Bloomberg uses tragedy to curtail Second Amendment

NY mayor ditches Mayors Against Illegal Guns, claims it promotes gun confiscation

Guns and Gear | Katie McHugh
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

‘MAIG intended to promote confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens’

No surprise here: NYC Mayor de Blasio joins Mayors Against Illegal Guns

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Bloomberg successor de Blasio wants to force gun issue to national stage

Bloomberg anti-gun group leader aims to replace recalled Colorado state senator

US | Greg Campbell

Dem promises to ‘pick up’ where John Morse left off

Two political careers die in gun battle

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Total loss for Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Coloradans take to the polls in historic recalls over gun control

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Last day in office for Morse and Giron?

To the Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns: Policies like yours killed my Aunt -

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MAIG’s Mark Glaze thinks an ax handle is not a weapon

Bloomberg’s magical misery tour - GUNS Magazine

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“Drag the lame duck authoritarian control freak out of the driver’s seat and throw him under his own bus”

What isn't Bloomberg saying about Florida shooting rampage?

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Bloomberg coalition silent on Florida shooting rampage as bus tour rolls on

Nashua, N.H. Mayor Donnalee Lozeau quits “Mayors for gun control” - NRA - ILA

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Bloomberg Gun Violence

“I don’t want to be part of something like that”

Second Amendment Foundation asks for all Bloomberg-MAIG records from NYC - SAF

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Newspaper allegations that city resources have been used for MAIG’s gun control effort

Alan Korwin: How to buy 2,000 guns, out of state, with no paperwork -

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Someone had $200,000 for this cause, but who?

Credibility of Bloomberg and Mayors Against Illegal Guns suffers enormous blow - NSSF

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Michael Bloomberg in October 2012.

“Bloomberg and MAIG’s worldview is so skewed, they think murderers are actually victims!”