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McDonald's To Serve Fresh North American Beef Starting In May

US | Audrey Conklin
A step in a new direction

McDonald's Adds New Wi-Fi Filter To Block Pornography

Business | Joshua Delk
'Parents can have peace of mind'

Former McDonald's CEO: $15 Minimum Wage Will Hurt Younger Workers

Business | Connor D. Wolf
'I might not have even been given the opportunity to get my foot in the door'

Current, Former McDonald's CEOs Squabble Over Automation

Business | Connor D. Wolf
'Will always have an important human element'

'Thousands' Of Fight For $15 Advocates March On McDonald's HQ

Business | Connor D. Wolf
'Stand with the marcher by sharing now'

Former McDonald's CEO Warns Robots Cost Less Than Paying A $15 Minimum Wage

Business | Connor D. Wolf
'It is cheaper to buy a $35,000 robotic arm than it is to hire an employee who’s inefficient making $15 an hour'

McDonald's Court Case Postponed Over Unsuitable Courtroom

Business | Connor D. Wolf
'NLRB was unable to provide a suitable courtroom and video equipment for the case'

McDonald's Raises Wages WITHOUT Gov't Orders

Politics | Connor D. Wolf
'McDonalds decision to raise wages at its corporately-owned stores is more proof that the marketplace, rather than government mandate, is the best booster of employees wages'

Case Against McDonald's Could 'Upend' The Franchise Model

Business | Connor D. Wolf
'The lawsuits against McDonalds are aimed at using government to upend successful business franchise arrangements that work for so many entrepreneurs and employees'

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