POLL: Will You Stop Eating So Much Meat Because Obama Says So?

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
Obama eating hot dog. (Getty Images: Charles Ommanney)
His insistence is dogged

Minnesota Men Accused Of Bizarre MEAT SAW Terroristic Threat

Education | Eric Owens
meat YouTube screenshot/Food Farmer Earth

They ‘wanted to scare him,’ they said

Los Angeles Health Officials, Some Woman And Yelp Users Fret Over Tasty Raccoon Meat

US | Eric Owens
raccoon Getty Images

Frozen, bagged raccoons for $9.99 per pound until some woman made a stink

Cloudy with a chance of meat stench at the New York Times

Business | Katie Callahan

@NYTMeatCloud, you can’t downplay the severity of this situation

In defense of pink slime

Opinion | Ronnie Shows

The meat additive is healthy and affordable. The campaign against it is misguided.

FoodPolitik: What do birth control pills and vegetarians have in common? - TheDC Opinion

Opinion | Richard Berman
This billboard, put up by an animal rights group, suggests that eating hot dogs causes "butt cancer" (chicagotribune.com)

What do birth control pills and vegetarians have in common? If you look at enough studies, you can ‘prove’ just about anything

Man vows to live with lions for 30 days - TIME

| Laura Donovan

To raise money for his wildlife center, a Fla. man will live, eat, and sleep alongside 2 lions for a month

The science of sizzle - Gizmodo

| interns

How cooking alters the chemical and physical properties of food, making the inedible delicious

Deep throat - Slate

| interns

The depravity of Major League Eating

Keep it clean - LAT

US | interns

Meat producers should use certain antibiotics only to assure animal health

Riding ‘shotbun’ - The Daily Caller

| interns

A look inside the latest hot dog-related news

Nicolas Cage reveals diet based on animals that engage in 'dignified sex'

Entertainment | interns

Actor and animal lover Nicolas Cage claims he eats based on the way animals have sex

The real meat revolution - Science Daily

Tech | interns

In a new study, researchers found that eating processed meat like bacon or processed deli meats was associated with a 42% higher risk of heart disease. In contrast, those eating unprocessed red meat, such as from beef, pork, or lambt did not have any higher risk of heart disease

Drink Pepsi. Get old. - Mail Online

| interns

Fizzy drinks can cause ‘premature aging’ because high levels of phosphates

‘Chef’ Pollan serves up lousy food advice

Opinion | Richard Berman

Self-styled food Guru Michael Pollan’s latest rant against the modern American diet lists 64 rules for healthy eating, a comprehensive list of eating restrictions that would make even the most prolific food scolds blush

Fowl play: China penalizes U.S. chicken priced 'unfairly low' - AFP

World | AJ

China said Friday it would slap stiff penalties on a variety of US chicken meat it says is being sold at an unfairly low price